Saturday, June 23, 2007

MI, you will be missed for....

  • Obviously, our house and our great big yard. Savannah always called our big wooden swingset/climber our backyard park.
  • Sawyer waking up each morning pointing out his window, wanting to say good morning to the dogs next door as we pulled up his blinds to start the day.
  • The bunny family that made their home under our back shed and made themselves comfortable in our yard.
  • Deer wandering past our windows.
  • Feeling we were "out" where it was so peaceful and spread out, but being so close to town.
  • Low property taxes and mortgage payment.
  • Local ice cream shacks.
  • The small town feel.
  • Even if something is all the way across town, nothing is ever more than 15 minutes away.
  • Golfing with Don on any one of the many nearby (and cheap!) courses.
  • The Happy Huff House (and pool!).
  • No traffic.
  • Game Nights with the Barczaks.
  • Porter Days.
  • Savannah's favorite (only) teachers ever.
  • New friends.
  • Finding my twin. You're right we look nothing alike, but Savannah says we're twins because we have the same birthday. But seriously, I've never met anyone who thinks as much like I do... everything from parenting habits and pet peeves, to the things that end up in our shopping bags. There has been many the occasion that we ended up coming home with the exact same clothes from Target, and then show up on outings wearing at least the same colors, if not completely similar outfits. Our blogs even have the same title! Anyway. We've become, at times, somewhat inseparable and that makes this one a big miss. I'm so sad to be leaving such a great friend. It's a good thing I don't have to miss IM'ing or email!!

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