Thursday, June 21, 2007

speaking of language mix ups...

Sawyer signs "more" for "lawn mower".
You know, like "more" = "MOWER".

I've wondered if he thought that's what we were saying... he loves mowers and tractors, and even though right now he's in a phase where he's terrified of the loud noises (he always covers his ears and frantically says 'all done'!!), he is fascinated by yard tools and riders. If he hears a lawn mower in the neighborhood he runs to the window and signs "more, more" and I just thought it meant he wanted to see more of the action.

Well, today we were at Lowe's, and as we pull up in the parking lot and I'm getting him out of his seat, he is pointing around me excitedly and signing "more! more!". I look around, but I can't figure out what he wants, as many times he signs 'more' when he wants to eat something. I was wondering what he had spied in the parking lot that he would want to eat?
Then as we walk to the front door, past all the riding lawn mowers lined up out front, and Sawyer is still precisely signing "more", I realize he is pointing to the mowers. More = Mower. Sound the same, right???

Haha, I just realized something else...
Maybe he's signing "all done" when he wants the loud mower to stop because he knows "all done" is the opposite of "more"?!!!


kimca01 said...

HAHA That is TOO FUNNY! Crazy kid!

M is at that same stage in regards to the loud noises, NOT a fan. Guy is working on his house behind us and is using a power saw and he hates it.

Gramma G said...

What a sweetie pie.Sure miss the little guy.I guess you'd better let him say good-bye to the John Deer in the shed.Good thing you've got pictures for him to look back on.