Thursday, June 28, 2007

we're still alive

We just got internet here at the house this evening. I missed being online!!!

Mike and Kasey just left today to head back to Columbia. It was so nice to have them here with us for a few days... besides the extra helping hands, it was just so nice to spend so much time with them. Mike and Erin also came over on Tuesday night and we all got Chinese take-out, they helped unpack much of the kitchen (and got shelf-lining down to an artform!), and then we had a few beers and played Imaginiff which is a fun new game we got as a housewarming gift for ourselves. So nice to have good old friends in a new place!!!

We are up to our necks in boxes and packing paper and can't find anything we need when we need it, but we're slowly digging out. And loving our new house.
We've mostly gotten the kids playroom unpacked and organized along with the kitchen and the family room. We're slowly attacking the bedrooms and bathrooms. We may start painting tomorrow... I'd rather paint before getting the bedrooms unpacked and arranged. I'm just being indecisive with the paint colors.

I do have pictures to post. I've been really lazy with the camera, but I do have pictures of the empty house. And now that at least a couple of rooms are starting to actually look lived in, maybe I'll actually think to get the camera out once in awhile.
So I'll try and post pics tomorrow. I just wanted to let you all know we're still alive!!

And sorry I'm slacking on the Throw Us Your Thoughts Thursday this week... I do have a topic, I just have not had a minute to sit down and write a little post about it. So tune in next week for that one.
But check back here tomorrow for some house stuff.
We're slowly getting into the groove here...


Annie said...

So good to hear things aregoing well. I'm glad you've gotten to connect with friends. Can't wait to see the pics!

Anonymous said...

Yeah ,we are all waiting NOT so patiently to see (& hear about)your new place! We know you are busy,but it doesn't make the wait any easier. Figured you probably didn't have the net yet.XOXOXOXO

Mom said...

That was me :)

K.M. Laughlin said...

Any paint choices yet???? I am going to home depot tomorrow for our kitchen color! Hope you are getting some stuff done on this rainy, dreary Fri! Miss you already!!!