Tuesday, June 19, 2007

new idea

A friend and I were talking in general about conversations we've had with and about other parents concerning "hot topics". And not just parenting issues, but life issues.
You know; the things you probably have your own different opinions on, but have to bite your tongue in fear of stepping on the other person's toes.
But you can't help thinking it might be nice to have a conversation about it... not a "debate" so much as a here's what I think about it and why, now I'm interested in your thoughts and reasonings behind your opinions as well?.

Many times, having a blog is a good way around things like that. I think any one with a blog has used it at one time or another to get their point across on something that they may not normally say in person to someone. Not in a passive aggressive sort of way... just in a written word sort of organize your thoughts way. I've always enjoyed reading a blog where the writer poses a question or an issue and asks for some reciprocal "conversation" about it. It's truly interesting to see all the different answers or opinions people from all different walks of life come out with.

Anyway, my friend and I were talking about these things and we decided we were going to try creating a day each week to "talk" about these things on our blogs. Big things (like politics *yikes!*) and little things (like should the toilet paper hang over or under)... anything is up for debate.
And Thursday is the day... Thoughts for Thursday is what we're calling it. Every week, I will try to give my two cents on a topic (like I did with the Adoption post), or bring up thought provoking questions, and I want as many people as have a thought on said topic to comment and join in. Just leave a comment if you have a short thought to add, or write a whole post on your opinions yourself, and leave a link to your blog. Also, if you do have your own blog, why not bring up your own topic? It would be fun to have a bunch of different pages to go to and read and see what is on other's minds.

So what do you think? Are ya game???
Check back here Thursday for my first topic.
Gosh, that's a lot of pressure... I better make it good!

any bloggers who want to join in and do their own edition of Thoughts For Thursday every Thursday with us... let me know and either leave a link in a comment here on Thursdays, or if we get a regular group of more than just the two of us, I'll create a little sidebar note and direct my readers your way!


Nic said...

Thanks for the reminder... I need to get my post ready for Thursday.

I'm going to link to this post when introducing it on my blog... you said it well so why reinvent the wheel, right?

K.M. Laughlin said...

I'm game....hopefully my thoughts on Thursday will be worth reading! ha!

Amy said...

I'm supposed to blog every day so maybe this will be a fun way to do it!!

Emilie said...

Sounds like a neat idea, and it will let us get to know each other better...count me in. Im game.