Monday, June 04, 2007

another monday morning after another spendy sunday

Well, it's been quite the morning already. Both my kids were up early, both are in rare form, and Porter is not having any of it. I'm not complaining (at the moment actually Savannah is drawing at the table and both boys are in Sawyer's room reading books quite nicely with each other); I'm just saying. How on earth can it possibly be only 9 o'clock in the morning? It feels like it must be afternoon by now... naptime anyone???

Speaking of afternoon, Savannah starts swimming lessons today. She is so excited! I'm excited to see how she does. We all know she's not the bravest one of the bunch. We're taking her out to Concord to a private family pool where they do lessons. We've heard good things about this place, and I talked with the lady in charge last week and she seems great. I think Savannah will do very well with it being a smaller pool, less kids and more one on one instruction. As of last week, there were only three other kids (all four year olds with no previous lessons) and the main instructor plus two other aides in Savannah's class. So we'll see how she does. Two weeks, every afternoon. And wouldn't you know it, it's been in the 80's and 90's and horribly humid for the past two weeks, and now today, the first day of swimming, it's rainy and finally dropped down to 65 degrees. With thunderstorms predicted for this afternoon. Let's just pray they hold off until 4:00 when Savannah's session is over!

I'm beginning to think it's getting too expensive to sell this house.
  • Each week, I buy fresh flowers (boy was it nice when there were free lilacs in bloom all over this yard for the first two weeks!) for the dining room and coffee tables, that usually runs about $20.
  • leaving the house for an open house (usually 1-4pm) which usually involves eating out so we are out of the house and not making a mess before we leave: $
  • and driving somewhere so Sawyer can at least catch a little catnap: $$$ (GAS!!!)
  • and course where we drive to we usually end up shopping: $$
It all adds up week after week.

This weekend we had planned to go to the zoo. That would at least be free besides gas.
But our realtor canceled our open house yesterday at the last minute (meaning after I had already bought the flowers!!) so we didn't (it poured all day anyway). But then we got a call for a requested showing that afternoon, so we just went to roam the mall for an hour.
On the way out, I made the comment "do you think we can leave our house without spending any money this time?" haha.
We just had fun walking the mall together, the kids "rode" (with no money- see we were doing good!) the mechanical riding toy things they have there, and we played follow the leader up and down the mall. We window shopped both outside and inside stores when the kids needed a break with a ride in a cart. And all our fun was free... until we made the mistake of going into TJ Maxx.
I know, I know... what happened to not spending money?
But there was an adorable dressy summer-y top I was eying... and then Ryan went ahead and told me he really liked that color on me.
Sold. $12.
And I found a great little neoprene swim bag that would be perfect for the many, many, many a summer day we'll be spending at our new pool around the corner.
Sold. $5.
And then on the way to the registers I just had to let my eye wander over the girls racks and knowing full well my kids didn't need anything... so instead it was, 'oh look at this adorable summer dress that will be just Tasi's size. And oh look, there's a matching one in Taegen's size! Too cute!!' $7 + $7
So tack on another $30+ for cost to market our house.

Seriously... what else is there to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon? There are no indoor playplaces around here... and even if we drove to one, they cost money!

I didn't get around to posting yesterday, but I had to send a big Happy Birthday wish over to Annie. I didn't forget about you... I was thinking of you all day and hoping you had a wonderful day celebrating YOU and the amazing friend, mom, wife, sister and all around one-of-the-best-people-I-know kind of person that you are!
Love you!!!

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