Friday, June 15, 2007

we're getting down to the last

I made one last run to the grocery store last night... got some fresh fruit and vegetables, some lunchmeat, snacks for our trip, and the last gallon of milk we will consume as Michiganders.

I just put the last new roll of t.p. in both bathrooms.

I just baked my last batch of cookies in this old too-hot oven.

Just dumped the last bouquet of flowers from the vase on the coffee table.

I'm currently filling our wading pool with fresh water one last time.

The movers are coming on Tuesday to start packing. Thursday it will all be on the truck, and we will be staying else where for those few days in between. Friday we will be on our way. One week from RIGHT NOW we will be on the road. Not sure if that's really sunk in yet.

We'll make our way into St. Louis sometime next Sunday, we close on our new house on Monday, and then the moving truck is scheduled to arrive there on Tuesday. Between crashing at friend's houses, hotel stays, and even camping out in our big new empty house Monday night on our air mattresses, we'll have roughly a week of being nomads.
And then it begins... all new firsts.


Mom said...

Quite an exciting time ahead for you guys. Did I mention that I am really going to miss that house in MI.? But definately NOT the stove:)XOXOXOXOXOXOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOXOXOO

K.M. Laughlin said...

So excited that you will be here soon to crash at our place! We are so ready to see you guys!

Emilie said...

Im sad about you guys leaving!!! BUT it is very exciting, none the less. I hope that everything goes well !!! We will definatly need to stay in touch!!!

Amie R said...

WOW! I think I am glad I am not you guys and jealous at the same time. Is that possible?