Friday, June 15, 2007

it was a horrible, no good, very bad day

Yesterday. This is what I felt like.
Well, it wasn't all bad.
I suppose it you ask the kids, it was a great day... we went to the zoo, we had lunch with Daddy and went to the park, and even though we skipped swimming lessons we swam in the backyard.

But in my mind (literally, in my head!) it was no good.
Starting out, we had to plan on being out of the house all day because they guys were coming to work on our chimney and because of the chimney's close proximity to where our power lines come in, the electricity was going to be shut off to the house for the day. So we made all these plans... to be out of the house early, spend the morning at the zoo in Battle Creek, continue out to Kalamazoo to have lunch with Ryan, spend some time in the city shopping (at the good malls!) and then hit swimming lessons on our way back into town. By the time swimming was over (4:30), we would be good to go home.
Well, then it just so happens the night before, I had one of the worst migraines I remember having in... I don't know when. Horrible. As in up at three in the morning throwing up horrible. It was better, but just barely, by 7am when I had to get up with the kids. But still, I could hardly move. I thought there was no way I could keep up with all our plans for the day when I could hardly sit up and I felt like if I moved too fast I would hurl again. But it was at least better than it had been hours before, and I honestly cringed more at the thought of being stuck inside the house with these two kids running around being loud, squealing, yelling, playing, fighting all day with no electricity (read: no movies or music to entertain, or fans to cool off with). They were already killing me at 8 AM. So I decided to suck it up, make myself eat some toast and pack us up for the day.
It was okay.
If you consider okay being extremely nauseous with a pounding headache all morning, driving 45 miles and then pushing a stroller with two kids around a zoo. And don't forget the light hurting my eyes on a sunny 90 degree day. But we made it through.

And the kids had fun. Nicole, Porter and Aria met us there. Savannah and Aria had so much fun skipping around the zoo together, running hand in hand from animal to animal. I am so glad they joined us, because it was so much more fun with Savannah to share the morning with a friend. I'm afraid I was not the best of company.

I wasn't really up to a lot of photo ops.... but I had to of course take a few at the new Carousel. Savannah has been looking forward to this opening for months. It's really too bad we only got to visit this one last time with the carousel up and running. Here are just a few shots... this is all I got because my camera decided to play some tricks on me, and between messing with that, staying upright on the moving carousel while I was already dizzy, and keeping Sawyer on his Zebra, the camera took last place.

Sawyer did really like the carousel, as bored as he looks in this shot!

As usual, there are many more (and much better) pics of the kids and our zoo trip over at Nicole's place like this one..

So we cut our zoo trip a little short to go in to Kalamazoo and meet Ryan at work for lunch. I was feeling just a little better after eating lunch, but then Ryan tells me about the phone calls he was involved with all morning. Turns out the electric company never did come out to disconnect the power, the chimney people waited around for awhile, but then gave up and did what they could for the day. So after the morning I had, it was all for nothing. I could have sat at home, plugged the kids into movie after movie, curled up in bed or on the couch and semi-slept off the rest of this migraine. I packed up a crapload of stuff for a bunch of different outings for all day feeling sicker than a dog, and it was ALL FOR NOTHING!!!
Anyway, at that point, Ryan talked me into skipping swimming lessons (him saying over and over again how I looked like crap didn't really encourage me to stay out in public) and take the kids home. I was not excited about either going to swimming or going home... both were work for me and both were an hour away. I felt bad about Savannah missing swimming, but I just couldn't do it. Heck, I could barely make it home.
When we did get home, I stuck Sawyer in his crib and Savannah in front of a movie. Sawyer never did take a nap, but at least he was in there for almost an hour so I could at least lay down for a bit. After that I did feel better, so I actually took the kids outside and sat in the shade while they splashed in the little pool. And by the time Ryan got home, I was actually chatty and almost back to normal. But man, was it a long day until then!!

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Mom/Gramma G said...

That all happened yesterday;sure hope you felt a WHOLE lot better today. I feel for you.I get headaches ,but very few migraines.Wish I could have been there to help.I'm glad the kids had fun in spite of it all.Thanks for the pics!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo