Friday, June 29, 2007

here it is

I made myself take a break from taping and painting and unpacking and building to actually pick up my camera and get some pictures off of it and onto here for you all who can now get off my back!!! Just Kidding. I know I've been bad. There is just sooo much to do around here and any little projects we have, we're really trying to get done before Ryan goes back to work. Actually a few days before he has to go to work so that we can just relax and get out and have fun. And enjoy our new house without painting/unpacking messes everywhere.

Sawyer's room is painted. Hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow he'll be sleeping in a finished organized and decorated room. With a big boy bed?! We'll see about that last part!
Next up, Savannah's room.

Today we made our big trip to Lowes. We've been there pretty much every day for something or another. But today was a big trip with all the paint, some ceiling fans, lights, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff for miscellaneous projects. $469.25 OUCH!!
And then this afternoon we made our "stock up" grocery trip to refill our fridge and freezer and pantry. $195 at Walmart. Also OUCH!

Well, I won't bore you any longer with the uninteresting house stuff... I'll just summarize to say that we are loving our house. Savannah is sooo excited about the pool around the corner. "I just LOVE swimming, you know" she says to me about 87 times a day. We have yet to actually swim, because when we finally got over there to get our cards on Wednesday, it started thunderstorming and it's been rainy, thundery and cooler ever since. But the other highlight for Savannah is the fact that there are two four year old girls right across the street from us on either side of the corner!! She is so excited about her new friends and feeling quite grown up about going over to play with them! Lots of kids in this neighborhood, so we're looking forward to getting to know more families!!

Okay here are a few pics...
well, maybe more than a few. I originally took pics of the empty house, but these are from earlier today, everything as is, pre painting and boxes everywhere. Disclaimer: please ignore the window treatments and light fixtures in some of these pictures... they are original to the house in 1993- personally I think someone actually brought them in from the year 1987- and we will slowly be replacing them!! These are really horrible and boring pictures, but I know some of you really wanted to see them and try to get a feel for our new house. So here it is.

Our New Home...

The Family Room

The Kitchen (sorry it's kind of dark!)

The Kid's Playroom (this was originally the formal living room, but had previously been remodeled into a main level bedroom complete with floor to ceiling closets, built-ins and french doors.)

From the Playroom looking through the entryway into the dining room. These are the front two rooms (big front windows) on the house. The front door is directly in front of those stairs.

Dining Room (again, please ignore the window treatments and lovely light fixtures) :)

Sawyer's Room

Savannah's Room

The Spare Bedroom

Our Bedroom

The Master Bathroom... and instead of a nice relaxing bubble bath, I'm looking at a tub full of packing paper.

This is one of my favorites of the house... this is the view from our Master Bedroom; the double doors open to see the whole landing and all the other bedrooms. Which in case you're wondering are from the left, Sawyer's door (you can't see it because it's at a right angle), a linen closet, the main bathroom, Savannah's door, and the spare bedroom.

Here's the view from the top of the landing to the front door.

And if you looked closely, here is one of the many reasons for our spendy trips to Lowe's. I'm having a hard time living with this... this is just one of many beautiful light fixtures in this house.

Oh maybe you don't fully understand how beautiful...


Nic said...

Your house is awesome, so so awesome. I'm jealous!! I can't wait to come visit and see it in person, and I really can't wait to see it shaped and decorated and turned into the Morrisons house. You guys are so lucky to have found such a wonderful, large, spacious home!

And, you're ESPECIALLY LUCKY that those gorgeous window treatments and lighting fixtures were left TEE HEEE HEEE!! I'm sure you'll find something perfect for those spots. I'm glad I won't be the one footing the bill for the new fixtures though HAHA!

K.M. Laughlin said...

Great pics! What color did you end of painting Sawyer's room??? That chandelier is even more amazing when it is lit did you guys get SO lucky!??? ;)

Mom said...

Finally! But I must say worth the wait.I love the house,I am sure you'll make a huge dent in the mess AND have time to enjoy before Ryan returns to work.He's lucky to have all that time off.Wish we were coming sooner and could lend a hand. You 2 will be ready for a much needed "get-away" by the time we visit again.Miss You much!!!Keep the pics coming!!XOXOXOXOX

Annie said...

I love your house!! Thanks for posting the pics! I know you will have it in order in no time (anyone who knows you knows you guys are ambitious about getting things painted, decorated, etc. I think it could be a business for you, really. I'd hire you)! :) Those light fixtures are pretty hilarious. I hope we can see this house in person some day. :) Enjoy your weekend!

Emilie said...

WOW!!! Your new house looks great!!!! You guys seem to have TONS more room! That will be awesome! How are things going???

Amie R said...