Thursday, June 07, 2007

chugga chugga pssssh... chugga chugga aaaaah...

I love kid music. If it's good kid music. Fun, catchy, simple songs. I am not talking about Barney or The Wiggles... those annoy the you know what out of me. I'm talking about Dan Zane or Laurie Berkner Band or even Jack Johnson's Curious George soundtrack. The kind of songs you don't mind hearing again and again... that you find yourself happily humming in your head all afternoon.

Well, we don't actually own this music yet, but my kids latest favorite is Choo Choo Soul, from the Disney channel. It's just little music videos in between shows, but it is a big hit in this house. When it comes on, Sawyer drops everything, gets right up to the tv and starts dancing. And Savannah *loves* Genevieve... she's the main "soul" of the Choo Choo. Genevieve sings with the kids. On the train. With big hoop earrings. It's insanely catchy, and I'm walking around the house going, "chugga chugga pssssh chugga chugga aaaah" with the kids all day. Trust me. It's fun music. Check it out for yourself and I bet you can't sit still while you watch. My personal favorite jingle is The Polite Song. I have that stuck in my head for days... do you, mm-hmmdo you, mm-hmmdo you know...
In fact it's in my head now, which is why I thought I'd share it with you!

So we've had a pretty good day around here. I was looking forward to a day full of nothing... no Porter today, no school, nothing I had to do. I was actually pretty motivated this morning and got a lot accomplished here... my kitchen is sparkling clean, all dishes put away, and I even mopped the floor! Well, that may have been only because I spilled a whole cup of juice, but at least my floor's clean! I managed to wash, dry, and PUT AWAY (can you believe it?) three loads of laundry. And in between all that, we were all singing and playing the morning away. So much so that by 10 AM, I'd had my fill and decided we needed to get outside. Savannah is just non-stop pretend play these days... playing house, playing store, busdriver, restaurant, whatever. So after we'd been through at least a half hour of each of those, I needed a break.
We decided to go to the park, where Savannah could find other playmates besides "Megan" (that's the "pretend" name Savannah has bestowed upon me) and her "dad" (that would be Sawyer, not Ryan).
She happily played with a couple of other three year olds that were there. Sawyer was pretty funny trying to keep up with the crowd. He actually does a pretty good job and it's sweet because Savannah looks out for him and keeps him involved in their play. Then just as we were leaving, some new friends showed up... two of the kids from Savannah's swim class (a brother and sister... and the little boy has a complete crush on Savannah!). They were so excited to see each other outside of the pool like that, and to be able to play, so we stuck around for awhile longer.

We came home and had some lunch, and after we put Sawyer down for a nap, Savannah and I took a blanket and our books and went to lay out in the sun and read for a bit. We got comfy and settled into our books and then I couldn't stop watching my little girl. She looked so grown up laying next to me propped up on her elbows with her nose in a book. Laying out in the sun in her little shorts, tank top and sunglasses with her ice water next to her. She'd glance over and ask how my book was... tell me what her's was about... we just lay there for almost a half hour reading, talking a little here and there, and enjoying the warm sun. Hot sun actually. Savannah soon decided it was too hot and boring, once she made it through her pile of books, but it was so nice to just hang out like that while it lasted.

Speaking of books, I have a few that I have been or am about to read lately and I wanted to share them real quick. I just finished a bit ago a great one called Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining and Bad-Attitudes... in You and Your Kids. Yes it's a lengthy title, but it's a great book. It's basically about establishing honor as a priority in your family... not just kids respecting the parents, but parent's honoring their children and the siblings honoring each other. Oh my word, I just looked it up to add the link, and that's almost word for word what the review said. How funny! Guess I really "got" that book, LOL! Anyway, it's a great book with some great points to chew on. I'm trying to get Ryan to read it now so we're on more of the same page with where we want our family dynamics headed.
The book I'm reading now is called Grace-Based Parenting, by Tim Kimmel, and it is awesome. It kind of heads in the same direction as the previous book I mentioned, but it takes it even further and from more of a biblical point of view. It goes to the heart of how we parent and the impact that has on not only our children, but the overall dynamic of our family. How we treat our children, our spouse and our family is the biggest influence on the way our children behave and helps to form their "heart" as well. Kind of obvious stuff, I know, but I'm really enjoying the way Kimmel puts everything out there and makes you think about it.
Next on my list is Sacred Parenting, by Gary Thomas. I'm excited to read that one simply for the fact that Ryan and I read his previous book, Sacred Marriage and would both be quick to tell you that is one of the best things we've ever done together. Highly recommend that one for anyone interested. Good stuff.

Okay, I know this is one loooong post, but just one more thing... a Sawyer funny. Well, it might be kind of mean, but I think it's funny. We all know Sawyer's obsession with getting into the snack cupboard. He's getting pretty good at "picking" the lock these days, so he helps himself quite often. Well, I keep a bottle of worcestershire sauce that is too tall for our other cupboards on the side of the lazy susan in our corner snack cupboard. It's like Sawyer knows it doesn't really belong there, because he's forever bringing it out to me. I can't really tell if he notices the fact that this bottle is not the same as the boxes and bags of crackers and cereal and raisins and all the other snacks under there, or if he does think it's a snack and he is forever trying to get me to share it with him. Whichever it is, he pulls this bottle out every day. And everyday I tell him no thanks and put it back. Well, today we were playing down in the basement and he had been missing upstairs for awhile and when he came back down he had the big bottle of worcestershire in his hands again. I'd had enough with that, so I met him halfway up the stairs and when he handed it to me this time along with his usual jibberish, I asked him if he would like some. His eyes lit up and he nodded vigorously. So I opened it up, poured a drop out on my finger, and let him have a taste. Oh my word, I wish I would have thought to have my camera ready for that moment. He scrunched up his face and then stuck out his tongue to try and wipe it off... all the while trying to tell me all done and shake his head. It was so funny! I wonder if he'll be pulling that bottle out again?
I think it's safe to say he's not going to be wanting to try any tabasco or anything else of that sort out of a mystery bottle anytime soon!!

Alright... we're off to swimming. In sunshine and 90 degree weather finally! Yay!!
I took pictures at the park today, so I'll try to get through those and upload a few tonight hopefully.

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LeeAnn said...

I love your story about Sawyer and the worstershire sauce!! I can picture his face totally doing what you described!! I love that he tells you that hes all done with that sauce too! That'll teach him for sure!