Sunday, June 17, 2007

an old fashioned homemade Father's Day

So this was the first year for handmade Father's Day cards... well, I didn't make mine, I guess I was the lazy one, haha! But the kids loved making their's for their Daddy... Savannah's little googly-eyed people are her and Sawyer and Daddy. And the word Daddy is in green and yellow because her daddy loves the Ducks. She could be a custom card designer don't you think? Sawyer glued on his little wooden letters... and then peeled them off and glued them back on about 50 times LOL!

Here's a peek at the insides... Sawyer's has a picture of him signing his version of "I Love You!"; just a little visual aid to decipher his scribbling sentiments.

We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and had a nice relaxing morning.
We didn't do anything special today, but it was a nice day... although it felt as though we didn't have all that much "family" time. We went to church with some friends and didn't make it home until 1:30 with two tired, hungry and cranky kids. So we ate a quick lunch and then we ALL took a nap. We all slept till at least 4pm... I had to go in and wake Sawyer up at 5!!
We splashed in the wading pool a bit, had a quick early dinner, and then Ryan actually had to leave and go into work this evening right after that (bummer on a weekend, and especially Father's Day!!). So the kids and I spent the evening trying to keep cool just laying low, and even after all our naps, they were still just a little crabby. I think they missed their Daddy. They had a great time celebrating him today, and were sad to have him leave!!

Happy Father's Day Ryan... thank you for all that you do and everything you are that makes you such a great and "bestest" daddy in the world for our kids.

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Mom/GrammaG said...

The kids did a great job on the cards.Ryan is a lucky "ducky" daddy.