Saturday, June 23, 2007

ready for a fresh start

I know some of you are waiting for updates...
We've been on the road the last couple of days, and yes, we're on track to being in town on schedule.
Other than that, I don't have much to say right now.
Except that the past 24 hours have been absolutely hands down the worst two days of my parenting experience so far. I can't even talk about it, that's how awful it's been. Let's just say there have been plenty of tears on this trip... not just the kids but mine as well. And it wouldn't be so bad if they were tears about saying good bye to our house and friends. But they are far from that.
I'm trying to remember that we are moving for the second time in a year and that as smoothly as we've all accepted that, deep down we are probably all a little stressed out with our own fears and uncertainties. I'm trying to be sure the kids are feeling as secure and comfortable and familiar as can be and even though they seem fine with all of this packing up and moving stuff, I'm also really trying to remember they must have a lot of emotions about the changes we're making.
But still. I am almost in shock at the way our last two days have gone. I think I've left Michigan with the wrong children.
I wish I could even begin to explain, but I can't. I'm exhausted.

A couple more days till we'll be settled in our house. And of course I use the word settled loosely.
I hope we make it.

What to pray for if you pray?....
patience, wisdom, rest, peace
We are in desperate need all of that around here.

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Mom & Dad said...

Well we wish the update held better news. At least you are on schedule,hopefully healthy and safe.I am sure everyone IS feeling a lot of mixed emotions,and that plays into everything!!(whether you think so or not)And your kids (OUR GRANDKIDS) are really GOOD well behaved kids,SO when they DO act up like most kids do OFTEN,of course its hard for mom & dad. Stop,and take a BIG breath.You are in our prayers.RELAX!! Get a good nights sleep and hopefully everything will look better in the AM. You'll be with good friends again soon.You are GREATLY loved and missed!!!XOXOXOX