Monday, June 25, 2007

we're almost home

The kids are apparently on Eastern time and are up and ready to go before 6am each morning now. I really hope we can bump that back to 7 soon because I'm not a fan of such an early wake up time as a routine.

We made it to St Louis, had a walk through of our new house (which was the first time the kids had seen it), had some lunch, and then continued on to Columbia to spend some time at the Laughlin's house for the evening. Kasey's a lifesaver and is going to help us out with the kids tomorrow while we do the closing and everything. Then she and Mike are going to camp out at our house with us for a couple of nights while we get our things in and settled. It'll be sooo nice to have some extra hands around with the kids and a new house in chaos!!

The kids were a bit better yesterday... we only had a short drive and they were tolerable at our stops at the house and to eat. Actually Sawyer came down with a fever, so that explains both his extra fussy behavior the last few days and also why he was more subdued yesterday. He didn't want to eat or play, and he definitely had his moments, but he just mostly hung out pretty mellow.

So just four more hours or so till we have our house! I'll get pictures up soon!!


Mom said...

Very Exciting! But poor little Sawyer :( Can't wait to see pictures! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Christy said...

I am praying for you and your fam! No matter what transition it is- they are hard! St. Louis is a GREAT place with lots to do.

I will still be reading your blog! :)

Trish_the_Fish said...

I want to see some more pictures!!!!