Tuesday, February 27, 2007

snacking can be dangerous

So we all know Sawyer is obsessed with getting into the snack cupboard, right?
It's like he can sense if we happen to leave it un(child)locked and he's in the kitchen as soon as we're not looking -who am I kidding, he does it when we're looking too- and raids the cupboard, pulling out whatever he can get his hands on wanting a little taste of everything. We try to keep it locked. We keep all of our snacks and cereals in this big corner lazy susan cupboard, which can't use a normal door/drawer lock; we have to use an outside lock on the handles. Which means it's attached to the cupboard next to it as well, which doesn't really line up, making it awkward, hard to lock and unlock, and just kind of a hassle. In other words, it doesn't always get locked correctly. And Sawyer takes full advantage of those opportunities.

Well, today he took the phrase "getting into the snack cupboard" a little too far.

I was downstairs putting some laundry into the washer and the dryer, and as I headed back upstairs, I heard Sawyer crying. Now, Savannah was gone at school, and Sawyer doesn't just cry for no reason, so assuming he was hurt, I hurried up the stairs, worried. For a moment a couldn't find him, but then I realized the cupboard door was open...

and I found him.

I know... I'm a bad mother... instead of immediately rescuing my child who's scared cuz he's stuck the corner of a cupboard (with a protein bar still in his hand may I point out), I snap pictures first... I'm horrible.

I don't quite know how he managed to get in there, cuz it was tricky getting him out!


We got to visit with Leslie and baby Reyna a bit yesterday, and here are a couple of shots of Savannah holding Reyna. She loved holding her! We haven't seen a tiny baby in quite awhile (Reyna is four weeks old) and Savannah was in love...
when we talked about our favorite parts of the day before bed, this was hers!


Mom,GrammaG said...

Oh,poor Sawyer,he looked just miserable!!I laughed and almost cried at the same time,if that's possible;)Maybe he learned from this,we can only hope.Sweet Savannah .She seemed to be VERY content sitting there with the baby.

Angelique said...

oh my that is hillarious!!!

sad yes- but definetely worth a photo!!!

I love it!

Annie & Co. said...

That is too funny (and sad for Sawyer, but I think it is fine to take a picture first and document his determination - it's not like he was in any danger)!

Have a great day,

leslie said...

Okay, I was cracking up at Sawyer's pictures. I felt bad for him, too. The pictures with Savannah and Reyna are cute. We had a nice visit with you. Can't wait to hang out tomorrow. :)

Nicole said...

OH my word oh my word oh my word!! I am about to pee my pants! HOW in the world did he get himself back there??!! I've seen that cupboard up close and in real life... and I can't even imagine how he got himself back there! You know I would totally have taken the pictures first. Hey, it wasn't life or death, right? HAHAH!

I can't believe how big Reyna looks in those pictures!! She's growing so fast.

K.M. Laughlin said...

That is hilarious! :) Hopefully he is feeling better tonight! I can't believe he fit himself back there....too funny! Savannah looks so grown up next to baby Reyna. Wow!!!!!

Amie R. said...

I was admiring how smart and quick thinking you were to grab the camera!