Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Monday

Sorry for the downer post. Just a couple of things over the weekend that got me going. Nothing new, I'm just tired of it and I needed to vent.


We had a happy Monday around here.
Day four in a row of spending half the day outdoors in the great spring weather!!!
78 degrees today. I love it!

We went to another park today. A family from Savannah's school was there and she had a blast running around with Zachary all afternoon. We also met a few other moms from our new group there. It was such great weather! The kids were wiped out by the time we got home. They ran around non-stop for two hours straight!

Then tonight, we had a little Moms night out with all our new friends. There were eight of us there and we had a great time chatting and laughing and hanging out. It was a nice break, and it was good to get to meet more of these new friends we've been chatting with online since getting this group started. Why didn't we think of this months ago?

Well, I'm headed off to bed... I feel a headache coming and morning is going to be here real fast.
Hope everyone's weeks are off to a great start. And I hope this weather sticks around here for awhile!!

p.s. Amie- I don't have your email address... can you email me so I can get it?


Mom,GrammaG said...

Wish our weather was as nice.Not so lucky.Hope that headache never had a chance,that you get a good nights rest,& that the whole week is a blessing to all of you Morrisons in Mich. XOXOXOXOX

K.M. Laughlin said...

Glad you had fun at the park and some wiped out little kiddos! Your mom's group sounds great! I can't wait to be included in one of those soon! :) I hope things are going well....I am still recouperating on the couch from surgery and will be all this week. Miss ya!

Amie R said...

I don't have yours either! I have been trying to think of a way to get it. Calling...too easy! Getting it through my husband...ummm would never happen? Find a link on your websites to your email address...tried it...made my brain hurt! Post it on here...eek scary! I'm just going to go the easy route and call you!

Debbie Sanders said...

Heather, glad you had a good day on Monday! I have a couple ideas re the friend/venting problem. Venting is good, but the best person to vent to (possibly even before Ryan!) is Jesus. Then you can completely vent for as long as it takes and you can also ask Him for direction and guidance on how to deal with the situation. I find this THE best, b/c sometimes friends and even husbands don't want to hear ALL of it even though you need to get it all out. My gut instinct is to speak directly to this woman and ask her if there is a reason for not getting together lately, having so many excuses, etc. She is really the only one whom can give you that answer, but I would definitely ask the Lord's direction on how to handle it. Maybe the direct route would not be the best. I don't know this woman, although I have a good idea who she is. I will be praying for you re this and we (and our small group) are praying for God's direction for you guys re the job situation. We really just want God's will for your family re the move/new job situation, although selfishly we would love to have you closer to us!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie