Saturday, March 24, 2007

random blogging on a rainy Saturday afternoon

We were looking for an excuse to get out of the house today. These two wild kids someone traded our perfect angels for were driving us nuts.

So where do we go for a family outing late on a Saturday morning?

We were wandering around, checking out lights to replace all our old ugly outdoor lighting, when we heard a bunch of hammering.
Turns out they were holding a free kid's workshop and so Savannah jumped right it. It was so cute; her and Ryan building away. They had cute little mini-hammers for the kids, complete with safety goggles and work aprons! The thought actually crossed my mind today to grab my camera when we left the house, but I thought no, we're not going to be doing anything fun or interesting. But I wish I would have had my camera for this. Savannah was very into the "building". They made a basketball hoop and backboard. She worked very hard nailing it all together and stringing the net on the hoop.
Here's a picture of SJ showing off her handy-work when we got home. Quite proud of our little "handygirl"!


Gramma & Grampa G said...

Sure could use Savannah's help on the fence and deck.Not planning on putting in a basketball hoop any time soon.XOX

Debbie Sanders said...

So, so cute! She looks so proud of her accomplishment.....we are also proud of her and glad she had so much fun, even though we aren't big fans of Lowes! But, more power to you, Savannah -- your project looks awesome!!! Can't wait to see it in person very soon.....
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie