Tuesday, March 06, 2007

this is what happens

when a Mom is awakened for the day by a noisy baby boy at 4am, has a splitting headache all day, prompting her to lay around on the couch and let the kids run the house.

I believe this is called chaos.
If you can believe it, this house was actually perfectly clean and organized less than 24 hours before these pictures were taken. That mess I would like to call a kitchen above?.... that was absolutely spotless when I went to bed last night.
How do they do it???

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Mom said...

So... it was kids day at the Morrisons.Sorry you couldn't shake the headache.It is amazing to see what happens when 'mom' is off duty isn't it. I had a nice day though.I talked to all 4 of my girls today.That doesn't happen as often as I'd like.We had fun celebrating the birthdays at Heidi & Gabes.Yummy mexican food,dessert of course and some laughs too.I think Tricia enjoyed her birthday. We missed you(& yours) & Becky though.XOX