Saturday, March 24, 2007

woah... back up!

It just seemed like this week flew by!
Not sure where the days went. Let's see...

Wednesday was kind of a lazy day. Nicole had Aria here for most of the afternoon, so the girls played, the boys napped, and we just sat around and chatted. Nothing too exciting.

When Ryan got home that evening we went out to dinner to celebrate his job offer.... not that we're sure we're taking it yet, but because of the fact that several people wanted that position and he was the only one in his group offered it. Yes, it's a little presumptuous, but I'm proud of my husband!
We had dinner at Outback, and it was, as usual, deelish. Surprisingly, Sawyer didn't want any of their awesome bread, or much of his chicken finger meal. You know what that kid ate? The Bloomin' Onion. We gave him a bite and he loved it. He seriously ate half that bloomin' onion!!! And we could hardly keep up with him, he ate it so fast. Besides the fact that I've never met a toddler who would sit and eat onions, with as picky as he's been lately, I was shocked.

Thursday was a super busy day for me and the kids.
Savannah had a field trip with her preschool class to Kid's~n~Stuff in Albion. She was very excited to go over there with all of her friends. This was the first time Sawyer's been there since he's really been truly walking around, and he was all over the place. Wore me out!

After a full morning there, we had a bite for lunch and then headed home for a quick nap.
At two thirty, I woke Sawyer from nap because we were heading out the other direction to Saline to meet up with our playgroup at a new kid's place there called Urban Toddler. It was a fun little place and we finally got to meet more of the moms and kids that have become part of our Cheeky Little Monkeys group. (Don't know if I ever mentioned it, but Nicole and I wanted to meet more moms and families in our area, so she started up an online group to hopefully make it easier to connect with moms and kids our ages in our community.) There were six of us moms there that day with seven kids ranging in age from Savannah at almost 4 years to Little Kate who is just two weeks old.

The toddlers and Savannah had a great time wandering around the kid-centered hang out, and I think the moms with the little ones had a relaxing time sitting back and "comparing notes" about their new roles as moms.

When Urban Toddler closed at 5, we all headed over to Red Robin for dinner. Ah... Red Robin. That is one restaurant we miss around here. Yummy food, easy atmosphere, great for the kids. You should have seen the look on the host and hostesses faces when we walked in and asked for a table for seven plus three highchairs plus three sling stands (for the infant carrier seats). It was pretty amusing watching them scramble around trying to fit us in somewhere with ALL THOSE LITTLE ONES!
Anyway, we got seated and ate a ton of food and got to chat quite a bit more. It was a good afternoon.

But exhausting!!
By the time I got home after 7:30 that evening, I could not believe how wiped out I was. Carting those two kids around all day is getting to be wearing! Sawyer is such a handful himself, no matter where we go, and let me tell you about our car rides these days.... H-E-double hockey sticks. I'm serious. I'm thinking of getting a minivan just so they can ride in separate rows. No matter how many books or toys or songs or things for them to do I try to be prepared with, our car rides are getting insane. They just get so silly and wound up and loud. They get each other going and it just escalades. They spend all their time in the car either screaming/laughing because they're being so silly or screaming/crying because they're fighting. It's driving me crazy. I'm ready to start carrying duct tape with me.

Anyway, after taking those two to three different "outings" in one day (and driving a total of 120+ miles) I was done! Too much for me. Never again!

Oh, I also took a few quick pics outside Thursday morning. It was really eerie outside... a storm was coming and it was just past sunrise and the whole sky was just heavy with this strange post-sunrise pink mixed with that eerie yellow/green the midwest sky gets before a big thunderstorm. It was 8 o'clock in the morning and it was windy and about 65 degrees outside. I tried to get pictures of it because it was just so different, but I don't know how much you can really tell. It may have been more feeling than you can get in a picture...

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Annie & Co. said...

Hey Heather! I think you captured the "eerines" of the pre-storm weather. I'm so glad you had such a fun Thursday! Those places looked really cool. Good for you for starting an online group! :) Thanks for the pics & yay for Ryan!