Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Time Flies

They really do grow up so very fast.
I know everyone says that, but really- isn't it absolutely crazy how fast it goes?

I threw a couple of things in Sawyer's closet a few months ago from Savannah's. She's growing out of all the 3T's and he's wearing 2T, so I figured if it's a unisex piece of clothing, why bother packing it away. He'll be in it soon enough. Well soon enough turned out to be a little sooner than I expected.

I pulled one of those shirts out today, and to my surprise it fit him like a glove.

I don't know why, but all day today, every time I look at my little baby, I think how can my little baby boy already be wearing that shirt?! Savannah was only wearing that a year and a half ago.

(don't they both look drunk in this picture?)

That was before Sawyer was even born! And now here he is in the same shirt, looking almost as grown up as she. Crazy!

Also, going back through old pictures....

this one yesterday

reminded me of this one three years ago...

I think it was the striped shirt. Wasn't she just this little?!


Nicole said...

Awww the swing pics are soo cute! They DO grow up too fast.

BTW... I can't see your pics when I click on them.

Gramma G ,Mom said...

I so remember that cutie in the swing!!!Miss You all. Give Becky a BIG hug from me. And have fun:)