Sunday, March 25, 2007

To Whom It May Apply:

(and I think you know who you are.)

Please choose one of the following to sum up what I am to procure from your attitude towards our friendship.
Are you telling me...

A. "I simply don't care for you, or to be friends with you or your family."

B. "I think we have an obstacle from the past in our relationship that I just cannot or do not want to get past."

C. "I am basically just a selfish and flaky friend, so deal with it."

D. All of the above.


Nicole said...

I say "D"

Amie R. said...

Are there are POSITIVE options??? ;)

Nicole said...

Amie... unfortunately, I don't think that's a possibility. HAHAHA!

Amie R said...

Okay well...A is out...we don't have a choice...our husbands are "Soul Mates" according to my husband. :)

B is out because we really don't have a lot of history behind us.

I guess C works...because that is the kind of friend I am anyway!