Tuesday, March 06, 2007

a couple of birthday hellos

Happy 22nd Birthday to my baby sister Trish. Yikes, you're getting old! Hope you have a great day and enjoy yourself!!

And a late Happy Birthday to Gabe... we didn't forget, we just went to bed early last night, hence no blogging yesterday and no happy birthday post just for you... but you have a gift on the way! Glad you got to experience a Chuck E. Cheese birthday, and sorry we couldn't be there!

And how about an early Happy Birthday to Andy...
I know it's not for a couple of weeks yet, but anytime I mention a birthday Savannah jumps right in and tells me it's Grampa Andy's birthday because it's March. Nevermind the other birthdays we have to celebrate this month... she seems to think you own the whole month! So you'd better make it a happy one!

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Debbie Sanders said...

That is so cute! Maybe it is because of our "family calendar" and on that, he does own the month of March (since he has the only event in March; bday, anniversary, etc)! But, of course, I don't know how her 3-yr-old mind works and that may not be the reason at all! She is just so cute in her thinking/reasoning! We really miss her and you all.....:( But, soon we will see all of you together in person! Yay!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie