Tuesday, March 06, 2007

back to the weekend...

Ready for a bunch of pictures?
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So we left Friday, much later than we anticipated, putting us in the dark for most of our drive, which was not fun with the snow that was being dumped on mid-Michigan that day. But we made it.

I just love going up there to the Huff's house. And it's so different going up on our own... without the big Huff family. It's always lots of fun to join them and have all the kids running around, but when it's just us, it's so much quieter and relaxing. And we get to stay in the "big house". (Normally when the whole family is there, we stay at the other cottage, two doors down the road. At the moment that house is being renovated, and I'm thinking once it's finished, everyone will be arguing over who gets to stay at that one... it's looking great!) Anyway, the house is full of Mary Jo's creative decorating, which I envy every time I'm in one of her homes. I wish I was brave enough to go all out like that. I took some pictures of the house, but I have enough others to put on here, so if you're interested, Nicole took a million more and she posted them on her blog here.

We had a great time with the Barczaks, just hanging out, playing games, snacking away to our hearts' content. The guys took the sleds out for a couple hours of snowmobiling, and when they got back Savannah got to go out for a quick ride down the road with her daddy. (we tried to find a helmet to fit her, but they were all too big and we didn't want to push it... I was surprised she got on at all!)

And then we took a million pictures. Seriously, this house makes me want to decorate my house like this, not just because it's awesome to look at and live in, but it makes for amazing backgrounds for pictures. We found some sweet spots; and of course, being that Nicole is the professional here, she got some great shots and you should check some of hers out. There are some adorable ones of Porter and Sawyer. Here are a couple that I took...

And I thought this was pretty cute... Sawyer likes to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes now, but as far as the motions go all he does is get real excited and pat his knees (only his knees- no head or shoulders or toes) wildly. Here, Savannah stepped in to remind him where his other body parts are...

And what would a vacation with the kids be without bathtub pictures?

And just for you Aunt Holly... Savannah was drying her hair in front of the fire after Ryan told her that's how you dried your hair when you were little.

Sawyer was all about the rocking chair the whole time we were there.

Here are a few pictures from the car on the way home. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and you can see all the trees are just covered in ice sparkling in the sun.

We stopped in Mt. Pleasant on the way home to hit an Old Navy and let the kids run around. And I know... enough with the pictures already, but here's one last one for you.
On the way up north, I have always chuckled at a billboard for a car loan place whose website is PoopyCredit.com. So on this trip we got to talking about funny signs and names and just after we saw the poopy credit sign, we saw one for a car dealer/body shop place in Mt. Pleasant called Krapohl's.
Now is it just me, or would that name not be pronounced Crap-hole? Where did you buy that car? Oh, I got it at that Krapohl place down the road... and I got my financing thru PoopyCredit.com! Hahaha!

Anyway, there's a super quick run-down of our weekend for you. We had a great time, and thank you so much Don and Mary Jo for once again sharing your beautiful home away from home with us!


Annie & Co. said...

I looked at Nicole's pics too and that house is ADORABLE! How fun! I'm so glad you guys got to have a mini-family vacation - I know how you guys used to love heading over to the beach several weekends a year. :)

Nicole said...

HAHAHAH Ryan and I were TOTALLY cracking up at that Kraphol car dealership when we passed it! So funny that while we were in our car laughing about it, you guys were too! HAHA!

I can't get your pics to view larger... ??

heather said...

i think i fixed the pictures... let me know if you still can't see them.