Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Sometimes I wish I didn't have a nose."

This is your SJ quote of the Day
"mommy, sometimes I wish I didn't have a nose."
This was out of the blue... I was coming upstairs from doing laundry and she meets me in the hallway with this comment.
"why?" I ask, wondering what made her think of that.
"because then I couldn't smell Sawyer's stink."
and as I walk into the playroom to check on him I smell it. It was definitely time for a diaper change!

So I hope you all were pleasantly amused by Ryan's hijacking of the blog last post. When I asked him if he wanted any input in this page and ever wanted to add anything, little did I know what I was in for. Apparently now he thinks he gets to be Mr. FunnyMan once a week.
Did anyone catch his movie quote? He's decided to throw a movie quote within his normal "conversation" each time and see who gets it. I told him he needs to let everyone know that so they can look for it and the first one to comment with the quote and what movie it's from gets... um... gets to be the winner each week I guess. So be sure and comment if you know the movie. Then at least we'll know that more than just our mothers read our blog.

Speaking of mothers, my parents are going to be here in less than 48 hours and our house is pretty much trashed. I have laundry everywhere, and Savannah has been on this huge toy spree through the house lately; there is play food or coloring books or puzzles or a baby doll and accesories in every room, I swear. And we've been spending alot of time cleaning up between activities or at least some before bed each night, but somehow she makes three new messes in the time it takes to clean one up. I don't know how she spreads things out so fast. And it doesn't help that Sawyer's getting the hang of that too now.
So I have a lot to do the next two days. There are still two boxes to unpack in our bedroom, I need to finish the laundry, clean out the fridge, and clean the bathrooms, to name a few. All the while trying to stay caught up with cleaning up after the kids.
Sawyer's been especially clingy and whiny the last few days, so we'll see how that all works tomorrow. Oh the joys of a stay at home mom!! Ryan, can I go to work the next couple days instead?


k.laughlin said...

ummm....is the movie Tommy Boy???? just a guess :)

nana marie porter said...

Dear Heather,

Take it from one who has been there as the parent who is the cleaner and as the parent who is coming to visit. All anyone wants is to see the children. The rest is peripheral. Hope you are enjoying your parents. I know they are enjoying your family. The trick will be getting them to leave.

You're right. The joys of an at home mom. There is nothing like watching the children grow. And hearing statements like, "i wish i didn't have a nose." once you find the source, it makes perfect sense.

You've come a long way, baby.