Sunday, July 30, 2006

Laughlins are good!!

Last week's movie quote was guessed by Kasey and this week's was correctly guessed (within an hour of the post, can anyone beat that?!) by the other half of the Laughlin couple; Mike. Apparently the Laughlins know their movies.
I didn't even know where the quote was in the post, let alone from which movie.
*Will Farrell in "Old School", by the way*
Good luck to everyone next Sunday! Ryan will be planning it all week.


nicole said...

I suck at quotes... I have no clue what the movie is let alone what the quote is HAHA! (hint hint... when you announce your winner you should post the quote also) yes, yes,.. good idea!

Heidi West said...

I agree. It would be cool for those of us who are struggling at this game to know what the quote was...and Gabe says to quote from better movies!