Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Maybe My Kids Need Helmets...

...or mouth guards. Or both.

Dr. Robertson, where can I get one of those Life Helmets you are always talking about?

Sawyer just knocked his mouth on my forehead (HARD) and cut his other top tooth through the gum. It was about ready to come through anyway, you could see it clearly under there. But I guesss he has decided this is how he chooses to cut teeth now... to literally cut them! So we both ended up with a little blood all over us. It's amazing how much more blood there seems to be when they're crying and drooling and sniffling all over you!
And this is after Sawyer fell against a doorway yesterday and bruised his cheek pretty good. Plus he has a new bruise on his forehead I have no idea what from.
Savannah's still got a swollen face and her chin is turning that lovely green/yellow shade of bruise.
I promise I don't abuse my kids!


Gramma G said...

Heather , Be brave for them ,laugh it off,and then thank God for those precious children He has entrusted you with.They will be grown WAY to soon.(They wouldn't be nearly as cute with helmets and mouth guards.:)XXOO Your mom

Jessica Berke said...

well, heather, isn't this fun? I am really enjoying your site. I've had a few minutes so i have read up on you all today. I can't believe what you've been going through -- not with the kids, i can definitely believe that-- i mean with your teeth and kidney stones. we are praying you heal up fast and God provides for the costs as well. He is faithful. I love that.

We go to a free methodist church here in town. we like it a lot. our pastor preaches the Word of God, and it is big enough, but not too big also. It has a real home-cooked feel. is that the same demonination your parents attend? I can't remember. Anyway, we hope to see you soon.

love jessica