Friday, July 14, 2006

Daddy's got hairy armpits?!

Savannah is just full of the most hilarious one-liners these days, so to share a small portion of her tidbits of wisdom, we've decided -for your enjoyment- to start including an SJ (savannah joy) quote of the day.
This was today's random thought, as Ryan (shirtless) had Sawyer on his lap getting him into his pajamas:

"Daddy, under your armpits matches Sawyer's hair!"

So glad it's Friday!!!
Ryan has half days on Fridays during the summer and that makes Fridays even better!
We're planning on heading out to visit the beach tomorrow. No, it's not really the beach, but that's what they call it here, and it really does look like the ocean beaches. And compared to the real beaches back home in Oregon, it's warmer weather and the water is actually swimmable, so that'll be nice. We're headed to Michigan's "west coast" (otherwise known as Lake Michigan) which is just about two hours from us.
Even though we have some more work we want to do on house stuff before my (Heather's) parents come, we decided we need to get out and see a little of this great new state we live in. We've heard of tons of supposedly great camping places, hikes, lakes, beaches, and other wonderful places to visit. So we thought we'd take off this weekend and get away from our house. We've had plenty of projects and plenty of visitors to keep us busy so far this summer and I can't stand the fact that it seems like the summer is slipping by too fast. So we're packing up the car and going out to see what we will see tomorrow. Plus it's supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow and it's been real humid the last two days so it'll be nice to spend the day in the air conditioned car and at the lake beaches instead of our hot house. Also there is a Chick-fil-A in Grand Rapids that Ryan is dying to get to, his Michigan mecca has been calling him.

By the way, as a little bit of an agenda; I was thinking I should update everyone (or those we haven't been so in touch with) a little bit about the goings-on of us Morrisons over the last month or so and what I was thinking was I would just kind of do a quick run down of the latest on each one of us but just do it one at a time every few days or so. Don't worry, I'll do the kids first cuz I know that's what the families want to know. So I'll start with Sawyer and what he's been up to and busy with in the next installment. Stay tuned.

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