Thursday, July 27, 2006

One more picture

Here's Sawyer after a little snack yesterday. He got a bit messy.

And I guess to be fair (can't play favorites now, can I) here are a couple more of Savannah out playing in the rain splashing in the puddles.

Ugh! Today is not going well at all. I got almost absolutely nothing done yesterday. Sawyer was in the worst mood and wanted to be held or on my lap pretty much all day. I don't know what's going on with him, if it's his teeth or just a weird phase of super attachment he's going through.
Anyway, I just decided to humor him yesterday and kept saying to myself, 'I still have tomorrow' (to get all this cleaning and stuff done). Well now today, I got some laundry put away, sheets in the wash, and toys picked up because Sawyer actually slept in a little -till 8. But since then I've wasted most of the morning at the grocery store (have no idea why that seemed to take FOREVER!), I got the kids fed and Sawyer down for a nap, and got started on the rest of my to-do list but it is just so gosh darned hot and humid I just don't want to do anything!!! But I got the groceries put away and the kitchen cleaned up, threw the sheets in the dryer, swept off the driveway and patio from all the dirt and leaves and stuff from the wind and storms we've been having, and then came in to hear Savannah yelling for me downstairs because the "dryer is being really loud and breaking!". Now our dryer has been acting up for quite awhile now, but it actually seemed better lately. But as I come down the stairs the noise I hear is unlike any I've heard come out of a dryer. I'm surprised I didn't hear it outside! So I run in and turn it off and sit there wondering what to do. I try a couple of different things, but whenever I turn it on it sounds horrendous. I'm afraid to let it run, because it'll probably just make it worse (if it's even salvagable at this point) plus we never got around to buying new fire exstinguishers since we've moved and what would I do if the stupid dryer like blew up? But we have guests coming this evening and now the sheets that go on both the beds are washed and not dried. So I went and hung them outside, even though it's like 200% humidity out there, what else can I do? Pray it doesn't rain and hope that the sun might break through for just an hour or so?!
I probably should have stayed home last night and not procrastinated my chores. I went out to dinner with Katie and Nicole. We had fun and it was a nice and much needed break for all of us moms.
Well, I must get back to work...
At least this was a nice breather and I've cooled off for the moment.
I'm really not complaining, just venting! I am glad my parents and my grandma are coming, and it'll be fun to visit and let them experience a little bit of our life here in Michigan. Whe knows, maybe they'll want to move out here...

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