Monday, July 17, 2006

Savannah Joy

Today was a true Monday.
I wanted to start the day over about twenty times today. The biggest bummer was that Savannah fell and bit through her lip and scraped up her chin. She's been on Tylenol all day since it happened (bright and early at nine this morning) and she was still whining/whimpering/crying all day "mommy, why does my lip still hurt?" She can hardly eat, and barely talk, and I just feel so bad for her. It's been a long day!!

SJ quote of the day...
I asked Savannah if she wanted to go to Target with me. She answered, "No thanks, I'll stay here with daddy and Sawyer.
You need to go by yourself and meet some new friends."

So other than her traumatic morning, what has Savannah been up to?
Well, she's a busy girl these days, as full of energy and questions and obnoxious giggles as any three year old.
She loves our house and especially her new room, even more so now that we got the stripes painted in there. She tells everyone that the different colors of paint smell like different things- the blue stripes smell like blueberries and the pink smell like strawberry. In fact all the different rooms have different smells according to their colors, and I can't remember what they are, but she'll rattle them off for anyone.

Savannah has loved having the visitors we've had stay with us this summer. I forget how "social" we were back home and how often we visited with friends and family on a regular basis. She was in heaven with more people here than just us to talk to and play with. I think she's pretty lonely here spending everyday with just me and Sawyer. We went to a couple's house for a barbeque last weekend and they had a friend there who had a 4 year old little girl. Savannah got hurt numerous times playing with her, some accidentally, some not so accidentally (like being smacked with a plastic baseball bat for just one example!). Well, most of you know that Savannah can be kind of a baby when it comes to getting hurt; she likes to let everyone know and it takes her awhile to get over it. Well, we barely heard a peep out of her when she was playing with this child... I think she was so desperate to have a friend her age to play with, she didn't want to complain about anything! She talks to everyone now, every child we see in the grocery store is a potential friend, and she's more than willing to initiate a conversation or even just a wave. I'm glad she's taking the more outgoing route than becoming more shy not knowing very many people here.
But she talks about all her friends back in Oregon all the time. We saw a blonde haired little boy today in the store and she said "look mom, that boy looks like my friend Cade. Do you remember Cade mommy? He's my friend and he's going to come visit me." She wants anyone and everyone to come visit her.
And she thinks everything happened "last night". "Remember just last night when we..." even though it was last week or last month. But she does remember EVERYTHING. Everyday there's something she remembers that we are just amazed with.
The other fun thing (usually fun anyway) about Savannah lately is that she is very into picking out her own outfits. It's almost always a dress or skirt or some combination of both. To top it off, she does her own hair with her own hairspray (detangler), water, and about two dozen hair accessories. She also puts lotion on like she's pretending to put make up on at least twice a day. It's pretty funny. But she always asks before she starts..."mom, can I put on some lotion and do my hair by myself in my bathroom?"
Is this girl three or thirteen?


Debbie Sanders said...

We miss Savannah and seeing her as much as we used to: having her for overnighters, seeing her in Salem at her home, just coming over for a quick visit after church, etc. She is definitely a cutie and a character. She is growing up way too... fast! =) We can't wait to see all of you when we come to visit in Sept. Give Savannah & Sawyer a big hug and kiss for us! We miss you all....
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie (& Grampa Andy)

Gramma G said...

Savannah sounded very brave when she called after the "accident". I hope she is feeling much better today. You are all in our prayers daily.Can't wait to see you in a week or so.:) Love xxooxx Gramma G (your mom :)

Gramma G said...

P.S. Savannah,your room is beautiful!! I think Grammas old bed looks great white,and Gramma Debbies quilt looks so pretty. The strips on the walls look tasty too!I think those bugs should quit biting you ,I noticed the bandades of course.Are they Dora bandades?Grampa and I have bug bites too, from camping at the lake.Yuck!

Angelique said...

I love the stripes on her walls! So adorable! Love the "HI" sign too- she must be a fun little girl! :O)