Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Turn

Where do I start with recapping Heather's world over the last two months? It's been pretty crazy. I think I've had more visits to doctors and dentists since we've lived here for 8 weeks, than I have in the last 10 years. First, as soon as we moved here, while we still had an empty house and Ryan hadn't started work, I had to make an emergency dental appointment. I had lost a filling a year or so ago and sort of forgot about it because it never bothered me... but of course the week we're packing up to move across the country, the pain decides to rear it's ugly head. I tried to hold off till Ryan started work and we had insurance, but no dice. I found a dentist who then sent me to some other dentist who specializes in root canals and now, three appoinments later, I am finally pain free but still awaiting a crown to finish it off.
And just as that was wrapping up and getting all taken care of, two weeks ago I ended up in the ER all night and was diagnosed with kidney stones. Now after a CAT scan, three xrays, and two urologist appoinments later, I have outpatient surgery scheduled tomorrow at the hospital where they will break up the biggest stone with soundwaves (I don't remember what they call the proceedure). I'm really not looking forward to that. Sidenote: it's not so easy to navigate through all these dental and doctor appointments figuring out what to do with the kids when your husband works an hour's drive away and you know practically no one in town! That's just the icing on the cake of an already stressful situation.
Aside from all the fun medical stuff, I've had plenty to keep myself busy around the house. It's nice to finally start getting settled into a normal household routine of cleaning and laundry and really playing with the kids, taking walks and visiting parks and such. These first two months have been so full of unpacking and painting and organizing -in between the needs of the kids and taking time out for friends and family coming into town. It's finally starting to feel like things are slowing down and my day doesn't have to consist of more than doing a few dishes, cooking a meal or two, maybe a load of laundry, and make sure my kids are happy and healthy. That's a nice change from feeling like I have a million things to get done to get settled and not enough time in the day to do even a handful of them.
Anyway, I like living here; I love our house (there's so much room!!), I love having a yard (even though right now it seems like it's nothing more than a half acre of mosquitos), I like the small town feel (except that the closest Old Navy is 40 minutes away), and I love the weather (except for the thunderstorms that decide to roll in right at bedtime and keep me from sleeping all night).
That's basically my story since we've been here. Between mosquito bites, sunburns, root canals and kidney stones, physically I'm falling apart, but at least the house and the kids are getting put together. Next step is to get involved in a church, meet more of our neighbors, have some barbeques to get to know more people, and set up some play dates for the kids. And we have the whole rest of the summer to do it. Then I'm hoping on getting involved in a MOPS or BSF group in the fall and possibly put Savannah in preschool a couple of mornings a week or something. We'll see how it goes.

You can pray for me tomorrow as I go in for my procedure. I am not excited about it. I'll keep you posted.


Debbie Sanders said...

Heather, so sorry to hear about all the physical problems....we will be praying for you re the "procedure" tomorrow for your and hope all goes well and pain free. Wish we were there and closer, so we could help in a more concrete way.
We love you!
Debbiemom and Andy

Gramma G said...

Heather you have been and continue to be in our prayers.You are loved and missed.Tell Ryan to give you a great big hug from us.(please)Mom & Dad