Friday, July 28, 2006

It's early

and I'm actually awake before the kids, which is rare. So I thought I'd jot down some stuff that would be fun to share before we get into the busyness of the day.
We're thinking about going to the zoo today. Ever since we went the first time Savannah has been talking about taking Daddy there and Gramma and Grandpa. So if they're all feeling up to it we may head over there this morning. They got in pretty late last night. First their flight into Chicago was delayed and then they spent pretty much the whole drive in the middle of a storm. They have a tripometer thing in their rental car and it showed their average speed of the trip from Chicago to Jackson last night at 38mph. That's a long trip. It took them just about 6 hours, pretty much double what it should take.
Anyway, so there here and we may head to the zoo today, we may just hang out and relax.

I forgot to mention the other day that when I came home from going out with the girls, I was confused because when I walked in the house I could hear Ryan downstairs talking to someone, but I could also hear the crack of pool ball shots. Who was here playing with him? I wondered because I knew Don was home with the baby. Well, turned out Ryan was playing a game of pool by himself with his headset on, talking on the phone. This is how dedicated he is. It was kind of funny... I've never seen him use that outside of the car, but now he's found a new use for it.

Sawyer just learned how to climb up the stairs yesterday. So now we have to be diligent about using the gate at the bottom when we're downstairs. While the kids were awake yesterday we spent just about all the time down there to keep cool. We put the gate up on the third step so he can practice climbing a little without getting hurt. So after he figured out just about first thing in the morning, that he could climb the steps but he can't get very far, he just climbs up onto the first one and kneels there on his knees and bounces and sings or yells or makes some sort of fun noise and just hangs out there. That's where he spent most of his day honestly, just perched on the bottom step. Probably partly too because he hasn't figured out how to get down gracefully yet. But it was pretty funny.
He also started this new thing (which makes me think his foul mood has really been because of his teething) where he constantly makes this smacking noise with his tongue. It's almost like clicking his tongue, but he starts with his tongue sticking out between his lips. He's been rubbing his tongue over his teeth and gums all the time and he apparently figured out how to make this cool sound that way. That's seriously how I keep track of him all day with him crawling all over the house. If he's out of sight, I just stop for a minute and listen and I can hear him smacking away and I just zone in on that to find him. I need to remember to get some video of that.

Well speak of the devil, I can hear him awake now. No smacking yet, but it's early.
Enjoy your Friday!!

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