Saturday, July 22, 2006

I asked Ryan last night if he would ever post anything on this blog and he said he would write a bit every Sunday. We'll see about that.

I went to a few garage sales this morning. I got a great stroller for just $7, and a Little Tykes basketball hoop for Savannah she's been wanting for awhile for $2. Our friend Nicole found one at a garage sale a few weeks ago that SJ plays with when we're over there and she asks all the time if we can get one "just like Porter's". So she was pretty excited when she saw one out in our driveway. But then she ended up just pushing her Lammy up and down the driveway in the new stroller for like an hour while Ryan played basketball by himself.

We were thinking about having some people over for dessert and games tonight. By some people I mean the only four people we know in Jackson. Don and Katie and their friends Nicole and Ryan. But we haven't gotten ahold of anyone yet this afternoon and it's already after three, so it'll probably just be the two of us hanging out here. The kids'll be in bed early... Savannah doesn't take naps anymore- but she needs the sleep- so by the end of the week she's packing some bags under her eyes and pretty much needs to be in bed by 7pm.
Maybe we'll rent a movie. Maybe we'll clean the house. Way to spend a Saturday evening, huh?!

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Heidi & Gabe West said...

Well, our saturday evening wasn't much more exciting! :) After driving back from Wyoming (14 hours) we had a couple of beers and tried to go to sleep...the house was about 90 still at 10pm!
Keep up the nice work on this! I've loved reading about what you all have been doing.