Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Let get this party started!

Testing, testing... can anyone hear me?

how about a picture?
I'm telling you, as long as this kid's got food in his mouth, he's probably the happiest kid you've ever seen.

So, I guess we'll give this blog thing a try. I suppose it may be easier than trying to remember who I've told what. Now I'll expect you all to know EVERYTHING about us. Just kidding.

Ryan still says we're going to get our own website with our own domain name and everything one of these days. We'll see. If you ask me, this is probably just as easy. It looks like we can do pictures and videos and links and mostly all the stuff we'd want to do anyway. And it's free. So I'm in charge of this for now. We'll see if I can figure it out.

*Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!*


Dan Smith said...

Big shout out from Salem. The countdown to our move is on. I love the pics of the kids...

Holly Smith said...

OK Heather... I want to be like you. Dan has put me in charge of our website too, but right now he may have to fire me since I haven't done ANYTHING!!! This site looks have inspired me. My goal is to start keeping up on things once we move. Also, really what can I do with no camera??? Hope you guys had a great time at the beach.

Debbie Sanders said...

It looks GREAT! I really appreciate getting the updates with all the photos and info re the kids and you two and the home improvements (Savannah's bedroom looks so nice!). Keep up the good work Heather! It is such a nice break for my bar exam studying to see some new photos of the kids(side note, thanks for all the phone calls Ryan & Savannah!). Keep the photos & info coming on this site -- it is so much appreciated. We miss you so much & this helps, to keep informed on what is going on with your family and to see how the kids are growing and how they are doing!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie

Jessica Berke said...

Heather, it is early morning, and
Gertie and I are the only ones awake. I love your website and I can't wait to show the kids and John. I am happy that all is going well for you. We are thinking we should get together sometime. We think we may be among the closest family now and we'd love to see you guys. Maybe we can look forward to that. You take care. Love Jessica