Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Saw-Man

Yes, it's time for the post all about Sawyer.
Well, it'll be all about Sawyer in a minute.
First I just want to say thanks to any and all of you who have been praying for us regarding our "church shopping". We went to Jackson Free Methodist this morning and FINALLY felt like we found a church we could go to. We've been to five other churches since we've moved out here and I think were starting to feel a little frustrated with the whole experience. Maybe we have too high of expectations of what we're looking for in a church?! I guess we were spoiled with River West having such great worship, awesome pastors, a wonderfully involved ministry of small community groups, and a good children's program. All wrapped up in a great sized church... not too big, not too small. Those are hard shoes to fill. I know it took a little while for me to find a good church I felt at home in when I had left the church I grew up in and found River West, so I know it'll take some time. Having kids adds a whole other aspect of looking for a church, because you can't just find someplace you like, where you feel comfortable and you like their worship styles and the pastor, but you have to feel comfortable with the children's programs and know your kids will enjoy being there and be able to learn what it means to be a part of God's family.
Anyway, at least we found a good church today. Ryan and I both liked it pretty well. Not so much that we walked in and thought,"this is where we're supposed to be", but I'm sure we'll go back a few times and see how it goes. Keep praying that we do end up where God wants us and we can get plugged in and involved in a church and meet some new families.

So on to the new news of the SawMan...
Sawyer is now about eight and a half months old and he is
awfully stinkin' cute, if I do say so myself. He just got his third tooth (although it would probably still be sitting nicely under his gums if he hadn't hit his mouth and cut the tooth thru), and he's crawling and climbing everywhere! He won't stay in one room for more than what seems like two minutes, and thinks he needs to be standing upright all the time. He went from barely scooting around to full-on crawling and then since he's been a "crawler" he's really wasted no time getting moving. From the day he was up on his hands and knees, he's super fast and will climb on anything more than a foot high.
He loves playing with Savannah, (and her favorite job is entertaining her brother) and he follows her around the house everywhere. His favorite things right now are balls, measuring cups, and taking all the magnets off the fridge. He's suddenly loving books and he's just started "dancing" this past week. It's pretty cute- he just sits in one spot and bounces a little with this big grin on his face.
What else can I say? Sawyer's got a little friend named Donny. Donny is small for his age, he's 6 months old and he might weigh about 14 lbs. It's pretty funny to see them together becuase Donny's so little and Sawyer's so big. Donny could pass for a three month old and people always think Sawyer should be toddling around. No one has any idea how old they are or that they are only 8 weeks apart when they see them, because you're looking at one extreme end of the spectrum compared to the other end. Donny is in the 5th percentile on the height and weight charts, while Sawyer is in the 95th percentile. And I don't think he's slowing down anytime soon in the growth department. I thought maybe he would thin out a little one he started moving around, but now he just eats more. I swear, this kid would eat forever if we let him. I've never seen anyone get excited about food like him.
Sawyer just had his first haircut last weekend. We stripped him down and took the clippers out on the front step. He thought it was a game... the clippers tickled him. It was pretty cute. So now he looks even older with his big boy haircut. Where did my baby go?

p.s. Also, I'm going to try and figure out how to put some video bits on here for you, so hopefully one of these days you'll be able to see some of the real life action of these kids.


Debbie Sanders said...

Sawyer is definitely a cutie! (I am not prejudice at all!) I think he continues to look like Ryan did when he was a "baby." I am so glad to hear that you guys found a church that you are comfortable with and might become your church home. I am still waiting to hear back from Cindy re churches in/around Jackson and BSF info from Carolyn. Keep the photos coming!
Love, Mom/Gramma Debbie

Nicole said...

oh my goodness that is so cute- he looks so ticklish!