Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Slowing Down

Gifts are bought, presents are wrapped, cards are sent, and we still have two more weeks. Now we can relax and really start *celebrating*.

Today was the first day in over a week that we have not recieved a Christmas card in the mail. Kind of bummed. That's one of my favorite parts of this holiday. ( Actually, you'll probably hear me say that about just about every part of Christmas I guess. I have lots of favorite parts....) But I do love that part of Christmas and birthdays... getting "fun" mail that's not bills and credit card applications. Hearing from people you don't hear from often, getting REAL mail from friends who are normally only engaged in electronic correspondance, and getting pictures and the lowdown of the goings-ons of those who don't (but should) blog.... (hint, hint to those who read this and other blogs regularly but have yet to join the blogging world... psst- Amie, Kasey, Heidi, oh, wait- I'm not naming any names.)
It just makes it more fun to open the mailbox.

And no packages today. Which is kind of a relief. Between stuff we ordered online and deliveries of boxes *and boxes* from our families, we've had a knock on our door almost every day of December. The UPS guy and I are on a first name basis.
But our tree is getting full. At this rate we will have to start opening gifts at 6am on Christmas morning if we want to be done by noon. Seriously, enough already! It's a good thing we have a minimal amount of gifts for each other, because our other families are taking up more than their share of room under the tree. And I thought we'd be opening a little less this year on our own... HA! They're not even all here yet. I'm a little frightened.

Speaking of the tree, here's a quick pic of it. I'm trying to get some good pictures of the kids and the tree and some video to send out to the families, but my kids are oh not so cooperative when it comes to any form of camera. So we'll keep trying.


Mom,Gramma G said...

Your tree looks BEAUTIFUL! Especially with Savannah under it!!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Mikkity Mike Loffdizzle said...

Hey Heather...this is a reply to your Vegas post on our page....It was good seeing you two on Thurs. night...I wish my plane wasn't late so I could have seen Savannah and Sawyer too and had more time to hang. Anyhow...we're going to Vegas for a week April 22-29th...maybe you guys can make it out fo that week, since you can't this time...mjl