Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The day of endless posts

I recently came across a blog titled "A Short Story Long".
Now if that's not a title for my blog I don't know what is. I'm contemplating stealing it...

Haven't gotten much done around here besides the tree fiasco and getting the rest of the Christmas decorations up.
We had the Huffs and the Barczaks over Saturday night, and Sunday we had our tree drama and then last night we ignored the tree and got all of our Christmas cards done and ready to go. So after we hopefully resolve our Christmas tree issues this evening, I need to buckle down and get my projects done. Almost all of them are for gifts we have to ship out, so I have to get a move on it. Then I'll only have a couple left to do for my own kids in the last couple of weeks before Christmas. Then we can relax and make cookies and drive around and look at Christmas lights, while we wait for Santa.

Sawyer just cut his first molar the other day. I'm chalking his fever last week up to teething I guess. He was never sick other than that, and it was a day or two after that that I noticed he had cut the molar and it looks like two or three more are trying to come in, as well as two eye teeth. Poor little guy. He's drooling up a storm; he shirts are always drenched and he's pooping like a million times a day. And I'm only exaggerating a little bit on that number.
Last night he wouldn't eat anything but applesauce. He dumped his whole plate of wagon wheels, chicken and peas, which is his favorite. I tried to feed him and he just pushed everything out of his mouth and yelled at me. I finally got him to eat some baby oatmeal later so he wouldn't go to bed with an empty stomach. You know his teeth have got to be killing him if he's refusing food. That's just not the Sawyer we all know and love.

Today's to-do list:
  • get rid of my pounding headache
  • right our tree
  • talk Ryan into painting our dining room while I
  • work on all my gift projects (I've lost count on these)

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