Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas pics, take two... are some of the pictures from Christmas day.

Before the kids woke up...

Here's Sawyer checking out his stocking goodies...
They got kind of a slow start on the presents... Savannah was just all about her stocking and they both were content to play with the couple of presents that Santa left out.

The scooter was the fave...

with the igloo/tent coming in a close second.

Savannah was pretty cute with her presents; she would open each one, and usually yell out a big "thank you (whoever) for the (whatever)" -apparently she thought if she yelled loud enough they would hear her three time zones away. Then if it was a toy, she would leave it out, but if it was clothing or shoes or the pillow she got for her bed, she ran to her room to put it away and "save it for later".
Sawyer opened most of his presents pretty well, but it took a lot of work to get him to focus, as he was happy to just wander around checking everything out. He pretty much just went from his tent, to the scooter, to the little table, and then made the rounds again. Tent, scooter, table. Once he opened a new set of bouncy balls though, he was all over that! A soccer ball, basketball and football, what more could a boy want? I think we wasted our time on all the other presents!

Oh, Sawyer's other favorite gift was a pla
te, fork and spoon set. He carried that around wherever he went, but most of the time he sat at the table with it and pretended to eat. Then, of course the good big sister that she is, Savannah (also adorned in one of her favorite gifts... one of three new pink tu-tu's!) got him a snack to put on his plate and Sawyer had found his spot for the morning!

Savannah took a picture of mommy and daddy...
(after four tries resulting in shots of our knees and/or the floor)

And then we started a tradition of making homemade donuts. Savannah had a blast.
Sawyer missed the fun because he went down for a nap, but Savannah and I cut the donuts, Ryan stuck them in the deep fryer, then we sprinkled some with powdered sugar, some with cinnamon sugar, and dipped some in chocolate for Savannah to then cover with candy sprinkles. So yummy!

Here's how much of our morning was spent... talking to the web cam. Yes, my crazy parents were up at some crazy hour on the west coast so they could watch our Christmas morning "live".

Like I said before, it was definitely different not spending the holidays with our families. I really wish some of them (or all of them) could have made it out here to be with us spending our first Christmas in our new house. It made it just a little bit harder that Dan and Holly ended up being able to be home with the families for Christmas. Everyone was talking about how fun it was to see Taegen and do all the holiday stuff with her and how fun it would have been to have all the kids together, and it made me a little sad that our kids couldn't be with their families for all that. We had such a fun day spending time together here and relaxing, and it was so nice to not have to go anywhere or have three different houses to visit. But there is a lot to be said about spending the holidays with lots more family. We'll see what next year holds.


Mom,Gramma G said...

What do you mean crazy??? Just needed to be with you the only way we could,via the webcam. Now if you had told us there would be homemade donuts,I for one would have been there.Well,maybe. I do love cinnaman rolls,and eggnog.I REALLY need a disc, the pics are too cute.RYAN??? WOW !Three tutu's,and a new scooter!!HEAVEN!!So glad Sawyer liked his plate and utensils. Though I kinda figured that little guy would go for them,knowing his favorite things to do. I am sure that all of us wish you could have been here,even if it meant sharing you with all your families and are hoping that next year is a together Christmas,where ever it may be.XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

K.M. Laughlin said...

Merry Christmas! We miss you guys! The pics are amazing! -kasey