Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Heather

and Don and Nicole too!

So we didn't really do anything "fun" like we had hoped, but we did have it all set up before we bailed because of the no babysitter issue. Sorry Don and Nicole for ruining Saturday night. But we did have some fun at home with the family.
And on Sunday, her actual birthday, Heather got to wear her new shoes that Savannah gave her to church, so of course it was a good birthday. After church I made a cake and SJ helped me decorate it. Then I made dinner for Heather after the kids went to bed; steak (which I was able to grill outside in the very nice 40 degree weather), popcorn shrimp, and bread. And don't forget the captain and coke. We had dinner on the couch and watched the last few minutes of the movie that we couldn't finish the night before because we are so fragile. So Heather, I hope that you had a good birthday!

On another note, Sawyer did it again. He likes to play a game of hide-and-seek with crucial items around the house. A while ago Heather wrote about his missing shoe, which we ended up finding in a storage closet only after buying another pair in the same size. But this time he has gone too far! He has lost the remote to the upstairs DVD player. It made it a little difficult to watch movies especially for lazy people such as ourselves. Well today it backfired on him. Heather put in his Baby Praise movie, that he absolutely loves, and she was not able to get past the menu screen only using the controls on the front of the DVD player. This did not make the Saw Man happy. Heather told me that during her attempts to get it to play Sawyer was yelling and banging his fists on the TV screen. Maybe that will teach him, but probably not. So far it has only taught us that we can't beat Sawyer at hide-and-seek.


heather said...

Is there a movie quote in there or are you no longer playing that game since you are no longer posting regularly???

Mom,Gramma said...

In all his frustration ,did Sawyer happen to SAY anything? We can just picture the little guy all upset. Afterall,what could be worse than not having your Baby Praise movie?! XOXOXOX