Monday, October 02, 2006

Where did the weekend go???

Monday again already?
Another weekend flown by...
here's what it consisted of:
*** this will probably, as usual, turn out to be a long list. but there's a reward at the end for all you photo hungry grammas and aunts***

  • Got my haircut Friday... yay! Turned out pretty good; I'm just glad to have my short easy hair back! Then the four of us went out to dinner that evening (since I was actually dressed a little nicer than my usual sweats and I had my hair done for once... haha!). We were kind of nervous about going out because Sawyer hadn't slept all afternoon, but we were way overdue for a grocery trip and had absolutely no food in the house. Luckily the kids were great and we actually had a couple go out of their way to stop and compliment us on how well behaved our kids were at the restaurant. It's always nice to get a little positive feedback!
  • Saturday we went grocery shopping bright and early. (We were out of the house by 8:30 if you can believe that... yes, even Ryan!) I am beginning to think there's some sort of grocery conspiracy around here. Seriously everytime I go, it seems I spend more money than the last time. I've been better than I've ever been at getting things when they're on sale and using coupons and planning out meals ahead of time, and everything else I can think of to shop wisely and save some money. But our grocery bill just keeps climbing. I don't understand! I think both Ryan's and my mouths dropped open when we saw our total at the grocery store this time. I may be checking out Teri's list soon to see what I'm doing wrong.
  • Upon returning from the grocery store, I took a three-and-a-half hour nap on the couch. That is so unlike me... I was OUT! On the couch, in the middle of our busy house with the kids running around. And I could not wake up! I finally pried my eyelids open and peeled myself off the couch, but really accomplished nothing all day.
  • The Huffs came over Saturday evening and we rented a movie and had some Chinese take-out. I fell asleep again during the movie. What is wrong with me?
  • Woke up Sunday morning and realized what was wrong... my throat was killing me and I felt horrible. Needless to say, we didn't make it to church. Which really bummed me out because when you're looking for a new church, every week counts! It takes forever to find a church you like when you can only check it out one day a week... and we wasted another Sunday! But, Ryan and Savannah made waffles (she called them waffle pancakes because they used pancake mix to make the waffle batter... I think she was confused.) for lunch... yummy!
  • I drugged myself up enough to get everyone prettied up and Nicole took us over to Cascades to take some pictures in the park. I really wanted to try and get some pictures of the kids and one or two family shots, and I know Nicole's pretty busy for the next month, so we tried for a last minute session. Plus the kids have no major bruises or "bleeds", as Savannah calls cuts or scrapes, currently on their faces so I thought we should take advantage of that. Turned out that was a good call, because the pictures turned out great! Friends and family, here's the link to the photo album (the password is sunshine). *Let me know, Nicole, if it's not okay to post that here!!* We'll be placing our order within a week or two, so if there are any you want to get let me know. Thanks so much Nicole!!!


Mom said...

Hi Heather! I do like some of the prints.Wish WE had had a friend in photography when YOU were little. You and Ryan do a great job when you take the kids photos.It is nice to have pics of the whole family together ,so we will take some more when we get there in less then 3 weeks!!!!I hope your sore throat pain is over with and you get a good nights sleep tonite .You have had more than enough pain and discomfort since moving to Mich.ENOUGH!!!Are you taking vitamins?Once a mom always a mom.You are still my "little" girl.PLEASE take care of yourself,THEN the others!XOXO

Leslie said...

Heather, The pics turned out great. I really liked proof 51 of Sawyer and the three story boards at the end. I hope that you are feeling better. I like your new hair cut. Talk to you soon. Les

Mom ,Gramma G... said...

Savannah's eyes look SO green in some of the closeups!!!I am surprised(but pleased:)I do like all 3 of the collages(SP?)NICE!HMMM How do I chose...

nic said...

I was going to tell you... thats completely fine that you put the password on here. I wish there were a way to have each one have its own password, but I don't have that option. Anyway... its fine with me!