Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So I woke up this morning feeling bad because I was thinking I was such a bad aunt forgetting to post a big Happy Birthday to Taegen yesterday. But then after I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and my mind cleared a little bit, I realized today is her birthday. You see, what had my tired mind confused was the fact that on the island of Guam, which is where the little munchkin now resides, they are a day ahead of us (getting a two day window in which to remember to call them on birthdays and holidays comes in handy). And Ryan had been talking all day yesterday about having Savannah call Taegen on her birthday. So I was thinking how terribly forgetful I was in posting yesterday, but not mentioning our only neice's 1st birthday. Yes, technically to her, yesterday was her birthday. But for the rest of us here on the "mainland"... today, October 4th, is little Taegen Grace's very first birthday! So Happy Birthday big girl!!! Can't believe it's been a year already! Get a big kiss and hug from your mom and dad from us... we love you!

And the other reason to celebrate today.... (drumroll please).....

the long awaited
highly anticipated
who knows what to expect
Season Premiere of LOST!!!

In other words,
don't bug us tonight.
We'll be busy watching the boob tube.


Debbie Sanders said...

Yay! Happy Birthday, Taegen! We miss being able to get the whole family together to celebrate these first birthdays -- it is sad that Taegen and Sawyer are so far away especially on their first birthdays, but we are looking forward to seeing the DVDs of the birthday celebrations! We are closely watching our mailbox for them :=)
Love, Gramma Debbie

PS Are you happy now, Ryan??? Love you!

Holly Smith said...

Thanks for the special birthday message. Sorry it took me so long to send this comment. It's just a little more difficult when we don't have internet at home!!!