Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good Timing

What was I saying about taking the opportunity to get our pictures taken while the kids had no scrapes or bruises?
The very next day Sawyer stumbled and knocked his eyebrow right into one of the handles that stick out on the drawers of the coffee table. It left a nice little knot and red spot. Then he scratched his face pretty good today; on what I have no idea. It pretty much faded by the end of the day, but still it made me chuckle at how rare it is that one of my kids doesn't have evidence of rough and tumble on their faces.

Okay, this is going to be (for me) a super quick post cuz I have a killer headache and I gotta go to bed.

Sawyer's been walking more and more. Yesterday he went from the couch about 6 steps over to the ottoman all on his own. Today after he was done with lunch, I put him down on the floor and held his hand to walk into the living room. When we go to the carpet I let go of his hand and he walked all the rest of the way across the room to the couch! I haven't got it on tape yet... I know that's awful, but it's just so random that he does it on his own without help or coaxing, and in the evenings when Ryan's home, we just get so busy and forget. I have the camera out and ready though!

Savannah is loving school! She is so excited to go on her school days, and she's actually getting really good at knowing what day of the week it is and which days she goes to school. Last night Ryan was tucking her in and said "school tomorrow..." to which she replied, "yeah, I know Dad, tomorrow's Tuesday, you know?"

I had a nice little break tonight, with a night out with the girls. Katie, Leslie, Nicole and I went out for a drink and a bite to eat. We had a really good time, even though most of our conversation always ended up on pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding and baby stuff! Having a group of three moms with babies under one year and one who's pregnant with her first, I guess it's to be expected. Have to prepare Leslie for what lies ahead, you know!

Okay, off to bed for me. My throat was finally pretty much all better today, but I've had this headache I haven't been able to get rid of. One of those annoying ones that's just kind of been there all day. Blah. Hopefully I can sleep it off.


nic said...

Yay Sawyer!! Porter is going to be so envious that he can get around on two feet! He'll be following him all around.

leslie said...

I hope that your head is better. Last night was a lot of fun. Let's do it again soon.