Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Random thoughts, links, and moments of peace...

In light of my post yesterday, I thought it only fitting to add this to share with you all.
Ryan gave me this card a few months ago (yes, I have one of those rare husbands who gets cards for me out of the blue just to let me know he's been thinking of me) and I love it! I guess that goes without saying, seeing as I love most everyone of Brian Andreas' "stories". If you don't know who I'm talking about, you should check some of these out... you'd be hard pressed to not find one of these that speaks either directly to you or about you. Probably many of both.

Here are some other random thoughts for you today...

~Most of us have seen a bit of Dove's new Real Beauty campaign. I think it's great. Well, I came across this commercial I hadn't seen before that Dove (the soap and beauty products- not the chocolate!) put together. It's pretty amazing. I just have to say Kudos to Dove for helping to clue us in to what really goes on in the modeling world. Go here to see it.

~And along those same lines, when I watched the above clip on YouTube, I also came across some great photos. Take a look at these and these for fun. Or at least to feel a little bit better about yourself!

~Savannah has her first show and tell tomorrow. I'll let you know what she ends up sharing. She changes her mind every hour or so. Her foremost idea as of now is to bring her Lammie. Kind of boring, I know, but that is her absolute most favorite thing in the world. If you need some proof of that, this is her favorite picture in a frame in her room... her two best friends; Lammie and Sydney!
Today she told me we should paint our fingernails and toenails and then she could show her class her beautiful toes. I'm curious to see what she ends up bringing.

~Tomorrow the girls and I (Nicole, Katie, Leslie and Maria) are getting together. I'm sure everyone will just shake their heads or roll their eyes at this, but we're having a wedding rehash. We're all bringing our wedding videos and pictures and stories and ideas to help get Maria rolling on her planning. (yeah, that's the reason... we would never just do this because it's fun to see what everyone's wedding was like since most of us weren't at each other's.... or just because us moms or mom-to-be want to relive the days that we were once thin and lookin' our best... or any other ridiculous reason you might think of... no, we're doing it for Maria... yeah... that's it...)
Yes tomorrow we'll be spending the evening sitting on the couch eating ice cream sundaes and sighing about how sad it is we no longer fit in those dresses.
Exciting, aren't we?!


Mom said...

So glad you get some "down" time with the girls.Sounds like a lot of fun.Lucky Maria will have a wonderful wedding with all the help she's going to get.Is her wedding date picked yet? Heidi got the package you sent, on her 2nd Anniversary. How Nice! I'm hoping to get over there tonite to see all the neat stuff:)XOXO

leslie said...

Hey, you forgot to mention that we are wearing our veils. I picked mine up today from my mom and dads. I am wearing it to your house so I am sure that I will be getting some funny looks driving down the road in the middle of the week with a veil on top of my head. Yeah, all of this is for Maria..not us:) We are exciting. It should be a lot of fun. See you tomorrow. :)

Jenn Sanders said...

That sounds like fun! And of course I have a friends episode to reference...did you see the one when the girls were hanging out wearing wedding dresses?? (Before Ross married Emily, when pheobe was pregnant) The veil comment reminded me of that...pretty should add that to your movie line up tomorrow :P Hope you ladies have an enjoyable evening!

nic said...

Dude!!! I thought we were going to try to wear our DRESSES??? HAHAH. Ok, yeah... so they'd be unzipped and still stained with wine and beer... but hey! Speaking of veils, (Leslie) I need to go dig mine up from who knows where it is.

I can't wait for our wedding rehash!!

Ryan said...

I am coming over!