Monday, October 23, 2006

the flurries are back

It's snowing again. It's been drifting down lightly most of the morning. Nothing big, I doubt any of it will stick around long... everything's been pretty wet around here. But of course Savannah was loving it!
My dad decided to head out and rake our half-acre of leaves. It's funny, everything has dropped so fast in the last couple of weeks. We went from a green lawn to a full carpet of yellow orange and red in what seems like no more than a week. And I mean COVERED! So dad decides to get to work with the rake even though I've warned him it's A LOT of leaves and A LOT of yard. And Savannah bundled up to help him.

Sure enough, when I came out to snap a picture of Savannah with her Grandpa, he says to me (after completing one side of the driveway and just in front of our front walk), "you can't rake this whole yard, there's too many leaves! you need a blower."
Uh, yeah, I think that's why we hadn't done it before.

Then after I layed Porter down for his nap, I took Sawyer out for just a minute. I need to get him some snowpants. He has a hard time walking in the grass (especially all bundled up so he can hardly move anyway) with the uneveness, and it's wet and muddy from all the rain we've had. But he still trips too much to walk safely on the driveway or front walk, so I ended up walking around holding his hand the whole time so that he didn't get wet or muddy or crack his head on the concrete. Definitely need snow pants before it really snows and just so he can play in the yard when it's been wet. I finally brought him back in and he was content just watching from the front window.

You can't see the snow in the pictures because it was still really light flakes. It's snowing much harder now. I wish it would stick a little and make everything pretty and white.

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Annie said...

Sawyer is so adorable! I'm glad you guys are going to get a little vacation just the two of you (or maybe with Sawyer, but still)! Your street looks cute. Do you have a park within walking distance? (Besides the "beautiful park" in your backyard)?