Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Our Day with a Monkey

I've decided that a day in our life with Sawyer is about as close to living with a monkey as I ever want to get. This kid will not stay on the floor. Seriously.
Take a look...

He was over here

And up here
(he probably spent half his day up here at the top of the slide, just hangin' out, watching tv, singing to himself, watching over Savannah and Porter playing, whatever)

And up here, even though he knows he's not supposed to be up on the table.

I guess he's trying to teach Porter all the no-no's.
Here's the little P-man trying to follow in the Sawman's footsteps.

And that's just a sampling of the places I found him today. I mean it, he is all over the place! I can hardly keep up with him.
Savannah had her snack downstairs today and I put her up at the bar to eat it because Sawyer had just had finished his and was bugging her. But even up on the stool, he wouldn't leave her alone... he was trying to climb the barstool -or her leg- whatever would work. So then I put her on a stool INSIDE the bar and closed the door just so she could eat in peace. She thought that was pretty special. I thought that was pretty ridiculous. There's no escaping that little monkey!!

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Nicole said...

He is a little man on the go, thats for sure! Porter has lots of tricks to learn from him. I seriously think they have some sort of nap conspiracy between them, though... those boys!! Crazy crazy!