Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen; WE HAVE SNOW

So three days ago it was warm and sunny and 76 degrees outside.
Today it is 34 degrees and snowing.
Any guesses on what weather will turn up this weekend?

It's been snowing off and on all day. It'll snow really hard and crazy all blowing around with the cold wind, cover everything with just the thinnest blanket of white, and then it'll stop and the sun will come out and melt everything away. It's completed this cycle at least five times since we've been home from preschool this morning.
Savannah loves it! She has spent probably 90% of her time at a window somewhere in our house today. If she's not watching the snow (because it stopped for the moment), she's watching FOR the snow. I know this isn't the greateest picture... you really can't see it, but it is snowing really hard.

I'm glad for the little dusting because ever since we told her the summer's over and the weather is getting colder, she asks me almost everyday if it's going to snow yet. I wonder why she's so excited about the snow this year. I don't think she remembers actually being in any snow because it barely snowed back home last year, and the years before I'm sure she was too young to remember. Anyway, I'm glad it's snowed early because now maybe that'll tide her over till we get some real snow later this winter and she won't ask me about it every day.
And I'm glad it snowed just because I love the snow. Ask me about that at the end of this winter of snow and really really cold temperatures and we'll see what I say. Anytime I say I'm excited to be here and experience a "real" winter, rather than Portland's usually mild winters, people always ask if I've ever experienced a midwest winter. Like if I had, I wouldn't be so excited about it. Well no, I've never spent the whole season in the midwest, but I don't think I'll mind it. I really don't mind the cold... and if there's snow along with it, all the better!
But like I said, ask me again in March, right?!?


Debbie Sanders said...

I did spend an entire winter in Lansing, MI during my first year in law school and we had quite a bit of snow and very cold temps, but I still loved it! I was much like Savannah watching out the windows for the snow and watching as it snowed -- and, I "may" have told her that she would have snow in MI! The driving is great since they plow the roads right away, nothing like here in OR, but the one thing I hated was having to walk anywhere in the cold temps -- my hands absolutely froze while walking from my car to school, just 4-6 blocks! Just make sure you get the right winter wear if you are outside for more than 2 minutes, especially for the hands...but it sure is beautiful! It even snowed in April right before I came back guys will love the snow! (Won't love shoveling the driveway, though ......... :( Sorry Ryan, the kids aren't old enough to do that yet!) Build a snowman for us.
Love,Mom/Gramma Debbie

Mom,Gramma G said...

Hey Heather,Don't you remember the 3 winters you lived in S.D.???haha The snow drifts and the bitter cold? It's pretty for a while. Then it gets crusty and dirty cuz it's been piled up for weeks. (months)BRRRRR Yeah you guys will have fun. I used to play a mean game of fox and goose,and I was never any good at KING OF THE HILL.You HAVE to have a lot of snow for those.Maybe Savannah will even learn to ice skate someday!Stay warm and dry,while we enjoy another day of 70's.See you soon..xoxo

Annie said...

Wow! So fun! It's in the 70s here and snowing there...crazy! How are the roads? :)

Ryan said...

leave it to annie to worry about the road conditions. i would have never guessed. i know if the schilperoorts ever come to visit it will be in june or july.
we still love you though...

Jenn Sanders said...

That 3-D logic game is pretty nifty. It should have more tan 30 puzzles though :(


Jenn Sanders said...

tan=than. This thing needs spellcheck


Annie said...

Ha! Thanks, Ryan. You know ME! :)
But seriously guys...the roads??

Heather, in answer to your question on my blog, we are knocking out the wall in between the kitchen and living room so we will have a great room and still have a back room for the computer, kids, etc. We're going to have an island with a bar too. It's going to be great to have it done - we can't wait. :) (Not EXACTLY like Ryan's dream, but along the lines). :)