Monday, October 09, 2006

The Sawman Walketh

We have just a couple of short videos of Sawyer walking from last week sometime when he was just starting out. This week he is basically walking more than he is crawling. I tried to get some of him to walking outside today, but I kept him on the grass due to his recent fight with the driveway. And the bumps in the lawn proved too much for his small feet and not as of yet perfected balance.
(this first one is a good example of when we say he's so excited he falls down laughing)

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And a better attempt...

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And here is a bonus clip of an outing to Binder Park Zoo while Jenn and Greg were out visiting. We got to feed the giraffes which was a lot of fun.

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leslie said...

HEather, The videos are very cool. Let me know what I should bring this weekend.

Annie said...

Yay Sawyer! The video at the zoo was cool too - that's fun that the kids can feed the giraffes. You guys will have to show us how to upload videos.

Jenn Sanders said...

Yea!! The Saw-Man looks great walking around having a good time laughing and squealing :) Good job buddy! I think we heard Savannah enjoying the show and encouraging him also...such a good big sister!! It'll be fun when we see Sawyer and Taegen together next...they'll be able to play together so much!! (Not that they didn't enjoying eachother before, but laying next to eachother can only be so fun, right? ...jk) I'm sure Savannah will be excited to teach them hide and seek and chase also :)