Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm It

I've been tagged by Leslie, so I'm supposed to list five random things about myself. This does not, I'm afraid, vary much from my usual posts due to the fact that you can count on me being random pretty much every day. Well, let me try to come up with five random things most people probably don't know about me...
  1. I have a habit of ever so slightly rubbing my foot against something when I'm trying to get really comfy or fall asleep. Usually it's just against the blanket, or whatever is touching my foot. My other leg, Ryan's leg, the couch cushion...
  2. Along those same lines, I CANNOT sleep with socks on. If I do, it probably means I'm very sick. I sleep best with a bare foot sticking out of the blankets off the side of the bed.
  3. I could live on breakfast cereals. A bowl of cereal is my go-to snack. When I was pregnant I probably ate upwards of 5 bowls a day. I coudn't get enough of it! Now, in my normal life, I average just one or two a day. One most every morning for breakfast, and then it's not at all unusual to find me with one for an afternoon snack or before bed. And it's not just one kind of cereal... I like them all, and I always like to have a variety in my house. Most families have like two or three boxes on hand to choose from. Right now we have 11 boxes of cereal in our cupboard. I'm not kidding, I just got up and counted. Plus a thing of oatmeal and a box of malt-o-meal. And Ryan doesn't even eat cereal! That's all for me. Savannah usually just eats oatmeal. Although the Cheerios are mostly for Sawyer.
  4. I have a strange fear of being attacked by a random dog while out on a walk. I think it started when I had a new baby. I would take so many walks with the stroller and for some reason, I just felt so vulnerable walking around quiet, seemingly empty neighborhoods, in the middle of the day when no one else seemed to be around. I always make sure I take my cell phone with me when I go for a walk, not because I'm afraid of being abducted or anything normal people would be cautious of, but because I'm sure a dog will come running out of a yard somewhere and attack me and I will need to call for help. Isn't that crazy?
  5. I am already counting down the day's till we can get our Christmas tree. (43 days till Ryan would allow it, and really probably one more week after that) That is one of my all time favorite things to do; find the perfect tree and get it decorated in our house. That really makes it Christmas time!

Okay, so there you go.
And I really don't have many others to "tag" in turn. The few readers I know I have aren't bloggers, or if they are, most of them have already been tagged recently. Annie?
How about this...
if you want to join in the game, leave one of your most random or unusual things about yourself in the comments here. It'd be nice to know I'm not the only wierd one out there!
Oooh, here's a little incentive... if you don't leave your own random thing, I could share a strange or random thing I know about each of you.... that might be fun... HAHA!!

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Annie said...

Okay, you don't have to threaten me twice!! :) I don't think refusing to drive in ice, snow, or very hard rain would count since eveyone already knows that. I'm sure Kevin (and you) could think of more random things about me, but here's a start:
1. Kevin & I have a deal that Christmas music can start no earlier than September and go no later than February.
2. Cade and I already made Christmas ornaments this week.
3. In my mind half the year is leading up to Christmas and the other half leads up to summer camp.
4. I continue to purchase scrapbook supplies from time to time, even though now that I have two kids, a home business, a pending remodel, and the holidays approaching, I have absolutely no plans to scrapbook anytime in the near future.
5. And lastly, even though I know it has partially hydrogenated oils in it, I must have my Coffee Mate creamers in a variety of flavors. (To the extent of when I was pregnant I would bring my own powdered creamer to Starbucks with me - Steph would laugh at me - I know this would be crazy to most true coffee drinkers). It's one of my guilty pleasures. :)