Monday, October 16, 2006

Game Night

We had another great game night Saturday night. Our "regulars" were all in attendance again... the two of us, Don, Katie, Ryan, Nicole, Jade, Leslie, Maria and Andrew. Can I just say how fun it is to have a house full of friends again!?! It makes us feel back to normal again (as in more like home) to have a big group of people over and to have them hang out and make themselves comfortable in our home. We are so blessed!

As part of Nicole's and my grand scheme to have the *Greatest Game Nights Ever*, this weekend's game night had a vegas/casino theme. We had a yummy nacho bar, bowls of nuts, chocolate "coins", and going all out creative, Nicole and I made a cake to look like dice as well as poker chip cookies. I forgot to get pictures before we dug in, but here's what the cookies looked like. These baking endeavours turned out to be an all day project and let's just say they were not as easy as we had planned. Not sure if we're going to be so "creative" next time!!
We played dice and card games all night. The girls actually never played anything involving wagers, but we did go a few rounds of Spoons and had a game of Egyptian Ratscrew that got pretty crazy. The men had themselves a good old fashioned poker game and we all played a bit of a dice game of Horse Race.

Us girls also had the chance to deveate away from the usual pregnancy, labor and baby conversations we end up in, and reminisce instead about our weddings and chat about bridesmaid dresses and wedding fiascos. Maria and Andrew had gotten engaged last week so we all ga-ga-ed over her ring and talked wedding talk. Congrats again guys!!!
All in all, it was a great night of games, laughs and friends!

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Leslie said...

Hi Heather, We had a lot of fun Saturday night, also. Thank you for opening your house up, once again. See you on Thursday. Let me know what time. I mentioned to Nicole a sundae bar. Let me know if that sounds good.