Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pumpkins and Pictures

My mom and I took the kids out to Flavor Fruit Farms today and met up with Katie and Donnie and Nicole and Porter. This farm had a petting zoo (or at least that's what they called it), quite a pile of pumpkins, a huge corn maze, and a cute little store with fresh apple cider and donuts. The donuts were very yummy... Savannah of course had sprinkles, mine was an apple donut topped with caramel. Mmmmm.....
Definitely not the same as Lee's Farm we always went to for pumpkins back home... Annie, it made us homesick to see the pics of you guys at the farm. We missed going with you guys!
Anyway, the weather was gorge-ee-us today. Nice and sunny and not too cold. It was nice to get out of the house since it's either been too wet or too cold here lately. The kids loved running around; they were both pretty tuckered out tonight by bedtime.
Here are a bunch of pics from the day...
Sawyer found the animals pretty enthralling...

But then he found Donnie's toys a little more interesting.

Savannah with her sprinkle donut.... and apparently Sawyer decided the gourdes looked pretty appetizing.

Here's what happened when we tried to pose the boys and get a picture of them together... (once again, you can click on any of these to see the larger image)

The only way to get them all somewhat happy together was to sit them on this glider bench.

And then I couldn't get Sawyer to leave it. He just decided to hang out there... sit for awhile, rock for awhile, just take it easy...

So here are just a few more... I know, I know, will this ever end? (If you think this is alot, you should see how many pictures I actually took...)

So we're off to Nashville tomorrow. Savannah has her Halloween party at school tomorrow morning, and Ryan's going to join her class for that, since he won't usually be able to do that. So as soon as they're done partying, we'll be on our way. (And we still haven't positively decided whether the little Sawman will be joining our road trip or not. I think it's going to be a game-time decision.)
I'm excited to go! I haven't been on a trip for fun since... I don't even know when. The last trip we took was to come out her to look for houses. I don't remember the last time before that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Annie said...

I know! I thought of you guys a lot while we were at Lee's ~ that was a tradition! It wasn't the same without you (as you could see we had to invite a whole bunch of people to distract us from the void of not having our beloved Morrisons there. ;) And it was sad passing by the huge painted hay bales where Cade and Savannah had their *first kiss!* Have a great time in Nashville! And btw, I don't think you posted too many pics - I'm glad you like to take pics. Oh, also, be praying for Mauria - her water broke this morning and still no's been over 12 hours!! She's 36 1/2 weeks. Baby "R" will be here soon we hope! I'll email when I hear. love,

Annie said...

Update: Baby Rowan Christopher Cartmill was born early this morning - on Callum's 6-mo birthday - Mauria's doing great & praise the Lord Rowan's healthy and fully developed! Take care!

Jenn Sanders said...

The photos are so cute! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun...makes me want to go to a pumpkin patch :) Greg and I are getting together with some friends to carve pumkins on Sunday though! Hope you have fun in Nashville! Talk to you soon, Love ya!

PS: Heather, I love your haircut, looks great!