Monday, October 09, 2006

And a few more

Here's an updated picture of Sawyer's run-in with the driveway yesterday. Not as swollen as I expected... yay for ice packs!!
**okay, for some reason I had trouble uploading that picture... it won't post for me. I'll try again later***

And here are a few from the other day. After pruning, prepping and cleaning up the yard a little bit these past few days getting ready for the colder season, we also cleaned up and put away most of the kid's outdoor toys. (did I mention there are snow showers in the forecast for this Thursday?!? Yeah, after 70 degree weather Thursday it's going to be down to 28 with snow showers!! Crazy Michigan weather...)
We brought the littler climber slide and the kid's picnic table inside down to the basement to play with for the winter. Sawyer's getting quite proficient at climbing and sliding on that little slide. I was surprised because Savannah got that slide for her first birthday and it took her quite awhile to be brave enough or stable enough to attempt it on her own. Sawyer's been trying to master that thing on his own for months now. He's taken a few tumbles, but he's learning. Anyway, so we had brought in the table too, and Sawyer's never really played with that, as it was always up on the patio and we never had him crawling around up there, he was always out in the yard in the grass. Well, as soon as he noticed this new "toy" in the family room, he was all over it. Literally. How do kids (boys I should say) instinctively know what they shouldn't be climbing on and immediately are standing on top of such things? Sawyer right away scrambled up on top of the table and was trying to stand on there. Luckily he's a pretty smart kid and he got it pretty quickly after not too many reminders that we don't climb on the table. I gave up trying to make him stay seated. He did learn how to go from standing on the bench to sitting on the bench smoothly though. It was pretty cute. He went from standing to sitting, to standing to sitting, to standing to sitting, over and over again. Practicing, you know. He thought it was pretty funny and he was quite proud of himself.

When we play downstairs now, he blows right by all the other toys and even the slide, and is all about being at the table "helping" Savannah with her artwork. Time to start finger-painting...???

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Mom ,Gramma G... said...

What a big boy!And like you said,so proud! It's nice you have the room to bring the big fun outside toys,inside!!We have our sunny weather back.YEAH! Let us know if you really do get snow.I remember being in S.D.the Halloween.of '99,with almost 2 feet of snow on the ground.Let's hope that is not the case in Jackson! XOXOX