Friday, October 06, 2006


If you saw the videos on here but you couldn't actually see the videos, don't worry, we know.
We attepted last night to figure it out, but obviously haven't done it right yet. Check back later!


Annie said...

Yay for Sawyer!! I couldn't see the video but that is so cool! Callum's getting really close to crawling so I know mobility is in the near future for us as well (yikes). He can launch himself forward or scoot backward so far. Our community group met & decided January will be the best time to start for everyone. We're going to do some activities between now and then like the pumpkin patch (we'll miss you!) and Christmas party. Have you decided if you're coming out here anytime soon?

Annie said...

One more thing...those family pics were beautiful!! I especially liked the one of you guys all sort of looking up at the camera.