Tuesday, February 27, 2007

this little piggy went to market

Making a grocery list today. Trying to come up with some meal ideas for then next couple of weeks. Isn't it funny how it's so easy to get in a rut with the food in your house? At least for me it is. I feel like we always have the same things over and over.

And isn't it funny how we buy the same things every time? I mean, yeah, we want to buy the things we know our family likes and eats (especially with kids), but so much of it is just habit. It's nice to mix it up a little once in awhile.

So what's on your grocery list?
Do you shop for what's on sale or just get what you need?
Better yet, what are some brand names that you just can't live without... you know, yeah store brands are usually cheaper, but sometimes generic or whatever's on sale just doesn't do it for you.

For us, some of our only one brand items would be
Kraft Mac & Cheese (cuz it's the cheesiest you know),
Jif peanut butter (creamy only),
Mrs. Butterworths syrup (store brands can just be so watery or flat tasting),
and Pampers diapers (I found everything else just leaked -or didn't keep the load contained- too easily. By the time Sawyer came around I never even tried anything else anymore. Keep the coupons coming, cuz Pampers are it for my babies.).

What are the brands you splurge on (or hoard coupons for) just because you think they're worth the extra money?


Mom said...

Your funny.You know I used to just buy on sale AND store brands, mostly 'cuz of one income and 6 mouths to feed. But now...well old habits ARE hard to break. And we are back to one income:( But I do splurge on yummy veggie blends and salad kits that you "kids" would never eat. I will keep my eyes peeled for more diaper coupons.

kimca01 said...

We are a Pampers family too - the rest suck! I also refuse to buy no name ketchup or cream cheese. Brad bought no name cream cheese once and you couldn't even spread it, what's the point?!

I killed myself laughing at Sawyer in the snack cupboard. Oh lord, him and Morgan would be GREAT friends. All about the snacks - and the mischief!

Trish_the_Fish said...

I agree about the Jif peanut butter... has got to be!! Hehe and I am also a freak about name brand water. Tysons's chicken also... well I could go on for awhile but those are my main 3! Love ya!